I have this impression that most people loved it right off the bat, then their interested sort of started to wane down the line. Does anyone know whether if a Season 3 of this awesome show will be happening?? He proved to be harmless in that case, and was actually friends with a cop. He draws Sledgehammer away from the others, not realizing until too late that this is a different villain. He tells her to go ahead and shoot, and then snatches it out of her hand. We can also have the conflict of the 2 personalities clash for the female prosecutor.

Thankfully, what Season 2 lacks in terms of style, it more than makes up for in terms of character and relationship development. So thank you for sharing it: He draws Sledgehammer away from the others, not realizing until too late that this is a different villain. Amaya November 24, at 6: Going off with a blast literaly I don’t like two vampires in the team.

The themes are similar but each show has a bit different take on them. Episose was sure we would have THIS pictue in your recapt!

Red Eyes swings with the knife, but Tae-yeon manages to get the upper hand and pins him to the ground. Why is it that they can all understand Runa now and she can understand them when they’re speaking korean and she is speaking japanese? Jo puts up a fight, but Tae-yeon pleads with him to go, and Jung-in follows him out. What I really liked on the other hand was the way it shed some more light on the history, the backstory of the vamps. Hotbar has something else medically-speaking that pdosecutor make Red Eyes weaker.


Dude, you scare the hell out of me. I find that any one hardly dies in this series, well, vampires wise.

What else can I say to the finale. As someone once said, ‘sometimes you feel like punching yourself in the face for loving certain people. Rofl at the team pulling the whiskers of the tiger. I know Ajusshi will come. I wanted Runa to save Dr.

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I’m glad Runa’s back. He yanks the knife out and guesses right away that Tae-yeon sent her, and that she must be a shaman if she used the knife to locate him. Vampire Prosecutor Promotional poster. I have to agree with JB on this one… This season even the finale —It just didn’t…It just didn’t can’t place my finger on it … It left me underwhelmed: So, yeah, Tae-yong’s prosecutoor to become a dad I guess this relates to my earlier point about feeling manipulated by the writers.

Jo pins a barrette in her hair. We open on our team driving along the highway as the Miss Young-ae narrator same voice introduces the scene; documentary chyrons provide time stamps and labels.

So happy to hear about Season 2, and well, now I hear nothing about Season 3 which bums me out.

Now I don’t want to watch because I know what he gong to do. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Romance Is a Bonus Book: Okay, that was fun. It comes so highly recommended, after all! The episode-to-episode crimes generally also showed more complexity compared to those in Season 1. The preview looks awsome! This way he can actually watch over little Ji Ae so that she can grow up If you want to do something with my blog, please contact me.


He throws her down next to Tae-yeon, and adds another carrot to the deal: Somehow this intense episode has affected my cognitive ability to post social comments properly: Vampire Prosecutor always gets eng-subbed so late that although I resist reading the subs I always read them before I actually see the episode.

I love this episode and all the pinching that Tae Yeon gets. You’re not the only one, I was just thinking exactly the same.

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Not the best quality, but at least they have all 20 eps! I’m gonna wait until all the episodes have been subbed and then watch it all in one go in one day There better be, OCN. Thank for sharing Loading November 4, at 8: And who should step out in front but that mob boss from the first case that brought Red Eyes onto the scene. It’s one of my favorite series and I don’t want it going down as some series that people ended up hating.