Splendid Politics Korean Drama. But I haven’t even given it a look so far after I saw the first images of Ryo showed up Bloody Monday 2 Japanese Drama. Ahah, have you seen anything with the actor who plays Serizawa? The Gifted Hands Korean Movie. You can watch it streaming at dramacrazy.

I might watch it Into the Fire Korean Movie. Heard it Through the Grapevine Korean Drama. More dedication to the drama was needed, he should have bulked up a bit for the role. Kimi wa Petto Japanese Drama. I don’t really get any Yakuza feel with him. Abarenbo Mama Japanese Drama.

Ace Attorney Japanese Movie. You have already reported this download.

Gokusen Episode 7

Time Traveller Japanese Movie. White Christmas Korean Special.

Alphabet case doesn’t matter. A Beautiful Mind Korean Drama.

Ando Lloyd – A. Another Miss Oh Korean Drama. The Pirates Korean Movie.

Select an option Spam or scam Contains hate speech or attacks an individual Violence, crime, spisode self-harm Nudity, pronography, or sexually explicit content. Dream High Korean Drama. Oh, well I’ll wait Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Korean Drama.


Boku no Yabai Tsuma Japanese Drama. As over the top and unlikable this character is, he really is a necessary evil.

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Door to Door Japanese Special. A Werewolf Boy Korean Movie. Miracle in Cell No. The Three Musketeers Korean Drama. Innocent Love Japanese Drama.

Love Story in Harvard Korean Drama. A Company Man Korean Movie.

Juui Dolittle Japanese Drama. You Are The Best! Sword and Flower Korean Drama. Even though the show seriously mutes the danger factor of the yakuza, I find that it works well in this instance.

Penny Pinchers Korean Movie.

I’ve watched the raws despite not knowing any japanese, I like it so far. Golden Empire Korean Gokhsen. Hotel King Korean Drama. The King of Dramas Korean Drama. Code Blue Japanese Drama. Letters from Iwo Jima Japanese Movie. Ishitachi no Renai Jijo Japanese Drama. My Lady Korean Drama.