When I am reading all these comments, I see that we are admiring him as an actor and that’s what draws us in. Thank you so much, Javabeans, for the recaps for this drama! I’m personally not a fan of this show’s action scenes. If things continue as they are, they may be my favourite OTP in a long time. Young-shin asks if she knew Jung-hoo back then, and Moon-ho says that they cried every time they met. That’s more than 3 strikes. I find myself smiling or laughing at some of the funny scenes, like CYS being drunk, walking in the streets she was really funny , and PBS trying to hold on to her.

I also met other beanies that day. But i really feel sad for them because inspite of such a good drama the ratings are soo low It’s part of our human make-up that we pass on and share so much over time and space, not just now with Internet but even from milllennia ago. Her vision starts to blur, and the last thing she sees is the arrival of an intruder, who jumps in to fight off the gangsters. JCWlove of course we admire his acting skills and if you want to know how we admire his looks then you should go back to ep 10 comments ; For me it is JCW’s look what caught my attention, to be honest I did not really like or dislike the 1st ep, It was just okay. I suppose it’s up against some stiff competition.

And because some of us have “fantastic conversations and sharings,” we HAVE actually taken it offline, and have gotten to know each other better. The Tongue comes out to confirm that.

Episode 23

He is not totally villain there. Doing good deeds is one of them for me. Mary Bethany January 28, at 5: Cast – Five Fingers.

It’s like you’re sucked into his performance. And she said it with assurance like she was an authority on itand that’s what was so funny. Jo January 28, at 7: If you look at the traits he matches closely: I was wondering, has the Healer used an object in a creative way to fight?


That, coupled with a nicely-paced romantic plot nothing too fast! Off to the laboratory! So apologies for taking my sweet time yet again — that damn perfectionist in me will never give up! She also declared that whether e;isode not his father killed her father, is of no consequence to her, because they are different persons.

I’d recommend seeing his famous ladder scene in First Strike and the legendary Drunken Master movies. Shuerei January 31, at It’s the effect of having a brand new drama that makes me positively episoxe. Happy Holidays to everyone!

But do give BVS a chance. Sooooooo in love with this show even though this episode wasn’t high on romance, but so many things were unraveled which was great for the plot. The problem with these kinds of cliffhangers to me is that they don’t cause excitement, fingwrs or impatience for the next episode.

LOL Growing Beautifully, I’ve been tracking your comments during your re-run of Healer – I take it you haven’t reached this episode yet?

And with Boosung borrowing a butt-load of money from Geumdan as well?

I loved everything that you said. The love of MS possessed, drowning in his pride of how great his own love for MH. Ivoire December 17, at 6: But other than that, I’m still loving the show! How much In-ha tries to convince himself, he should wake up and face the music. It makes my day. Just earlier in the episode, CYS affirmed her belief that JH is a good person, that he will not do anything bad.

Iris I was my very 1st kdrama. Jung-hoo arrives outside an apartment building, and warmly greets a woman he calls Mom.


We are soooo into it that we want to understand every single second of the episode, and see what makes sense and what might not. From comment Ep 14 Recap Comment This drama has become my all time favorite because of all this and in fact after everything I read about Story of a Man on Dramabeans it’s fast climbing up on my to watch list. HA, Young-shin cowers under the table in the conference room, now that sobriety has returned her sense of fear.

My insides are literally twinsting in hatred and in the absurdity of all the things he said during his conversation with Moon-ho. Even though Ha Ji Won as a veteran was awesome in it, as a new actor he felt equal to her in eoisode sense.

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I am loving how so far, the writer manages in the episodes to balance the comedy, the thriller-mystery, the action, and by the end of ep. Halo Totally agree with you. Obviously Dad and Ajussi are guessing this is all because of a man. They need some one who connects both generations.

I cannot recall why I bothered to read the recaps or at what point I picked up the show it was already several episodes in. About this, “I thought that your connections to makjang were interesting.

As javabeans wrote many times, his “gravitas” in this role makes me feel his burden, guilt, and anger. I said, “You are very welcomed!