While the text of the poem has, accordingly, been made out from very excellent, independent, and reliable sources, I cannot but regret that that of the commentary has had to depend upon nothing but the Jesselmere copy, mended by my own frequent conjectures. But we may prominently recall to our memory a few of them here. But as a matter of fact the statements of the Jains have little or no value at all as bearing upon the date of Yasovarma, as 1 have shown at considerable length in a separate note already referred to. The king thought that a real battle was raging before him, and he with the other spectators began to tremble through fear. Uchchala, up to Ys. Thus of the various dialects once spoken and still partially spoken in Ma- harashtra, that which was spoken in the Deccan, has come to the front, whereas those spoken in Konkan, Khandesh, the Beiars and Nagpur, have been left un- cultivated and are dying away. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. They agree as to the sequence of the main course of the poem.

Let us proceed, however, to another passage. Those beneficent distributions never ” ceased. It is impos- sible to say what the authority of his teacher was for all the detailed dates and the minute facts given in the seveoral stories, though it is certain that he might have had ancient recorded authority for a few facts, such as the dates of a certain number of events, obtained from inscriptions on images, and the particulars of the lives of certain authors and the names of their works as given at the end of the latter. What was he going to narrate the next morning? Of course in the present state of Prftkrit studies, even such a commentary as Haripala has given us must be welcome, and I have accordingly done my best to restore it as far as I could from the scanty material furnished by the manuscript J and in- corporated it in the edition. But besides the want of leisure in the midst of my official engagements, I have to plead in extenuation of the long delay, the circumstance that 1 began the edition with most imperfect materials those fur- nished by the Jesselmere manuscript , and was doubtful for a considerable time whether I should after all publish such a one as could be made out from a single imperfect manuscript, and was, therefore, looking out for more manuscripts. Period from the end of Unmattavaiiti Ys. Nor is it likely that any invasion by the Arabs could have taken place or been threatened during his reign, which was one of aggression all round and full of brilliant victories.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Do not assume that just because chriya believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries.


Now, though the date of Kalhana, as given by himself, must be perfectly correct, the same cannot be said, it may be urged, of the period that had passed from Gonarda III. II This refers to nioaeii’Thsan’j.

They agree as to the sequence of the main course of eepisode poem.

King Prithu wished to measure the earth enclosed between the eastern and the western seas. Then follows a small kulaka in which the poet says, that Yasovarma is no less than an incarnation of Hari Vishnu. One day some passing birds which perched ” in that place let sonw fruit of the Nyagrodha tree drop on the ” shoulder of the Rishi. The discussions went on for six months, and there were ku signs that they would come to an end soon.

Of virtue and discrimination this is the substance. He had an army of five ” thousand elephants ; the cavalry counted twenty thousand ” horse, and the infantry fifty thousand men. Biihler having come across the original manuscript of the work in the Jesselmere BhdmUi’a, caused a copy to be made at once, with instructions that it should be finished during his short stay of less than a week at that place.

This is described as having been composed by Pra- bhSchandra-Sfiri and revised by Pradyumna-Sftri, and is a collection of stories or memoirs in Sne verse, containing Charitas or biographical notices, in twenty- two chapters, of the following Jain celebrities: The 3 lesser personages are ; 1 Ratna, 2 Abhada, and 3 Vasupala.

His laws ” and his beneficent acts extended epiode far and wide. The author also mentions that he learned some of his stories from the writings of other well-informed old scholars XI.

D, under the same circumstances as those related ssone the Gharita. Of course in the present state of Prftkrit studies, even such a commentary as Haripala has given us must be welcome, and I have accordingly done my best to restore it as far as I could from the scanty material furnished by the manuscript J and in- corporated it in the edition.

But for the account of Bana the Chinese narrative would have remained obscure and unintelligible. The Apsarases ply the chamaras over Indra. Chrya that part of the poem seems full of country life, crama to embody nothing, as it were, but what the poet had witnessed with his own eyes, and what none but a true poet of nature like him could picture in such life-like colours. The destruction of the snakes and the impending ruin of Indra afford him great opportunities of description, which he certainly does not neglect.


The more does the worldly man try to’extri- cate himself, the more tight become his bonds: The third group at once arrests attention at No. The 7 kings are: This is a collection of one thousand couplets, giving among other matters the dates of men and events, mostly such chiryz are connected with the religion and literature of the Jains. Is he ” the same one who is called the great Thang?

But whenever it does explain the text it can hardly be said to be clear and to the point. Chjrya to the airiness and the apparent unreality of Prakrit words.

Full text of “A Classical Dictionary of India: Illustrative of the Mythology, Philosophy “

The poet shows, as usual, an utter disregard of conven- tionalities, and seems to care for nothing that does not strike his own senses or his own imagination. Bappabhatti enabled him to see an image of Nemi- natha at Sons, which he by a miracle caused to be brought there by the goddess Kushmandi. Nandigupta, up to Marg. In front and rrama the rear of the statue ” of Buddha there were a hundred grand elephants.

Thirdly, PrSkrit works, being written in a language much better if not quite fully understood by the people when they, a great many of them at least, were composed, must be valuable to us as sources of our knowledge of the period between the rise of Buddhism and the invasion of the Mahome- dans ; because they, having appealed more directly to the people than eppisode have been done by Sanskrit works of the same time, have a better claim than the latter to inform us about many things concerning that period.

Sone Ki Chirya – Episode 151

For fuller details of the method of expressing numbers by means of letters, the reader may refer to Dr. Neither was the king a bigoted tyrant so as to force his Brahman sabjects to servo the monks, nor were the Brahmnns of the period so slavish and forgetful of self-respect as to engage thcmselvt-s as servauts of the Buddhist priests. On learning this, Bappabhatti sent two Sadhus disciples to Modherakapura to inform his friends of the fact, and to suggest a remedy.

Even a beggar is better if he belongs to one man than if he belongs to the whole world. Both ” prepared to retire into the forest.

I desire, by the force of my virtue, to extinguish the ” terrible conflagration. May his merits be recognised by the reader I S.