In this paper the sampling equipment used is described and the values found of Kr activity in all the samples in given. The r and R values were 0,7 and 2,3 and main factors that would improve and optimize the method are presented. Untreated AISI samples were ground up to mesh emery paper. Entretanto, o uso da liga AISI no feixe tubular de trocadores de calor acarreta na soldagem de uma junta dissimilar. Stochastics models in time-dependent systems have been applied. Full Text Available Objetivo: Es son no correcta s:

The density and micro structure of the materials obtained are compared with those for the materials compacted and synthesized by the conventional processes. Comparative study in the induced corrosion by sulfate reducing microorganisms, in a stainless steel L sensitized and a carbon steel API X65; Estudio comparativo de la corrosion inducida por microorganismos sulfatorreductores, en un acero inoxidable L sensibilizado y un acero al carbono API X There is a considerable interest in the determination of trace elements in human nails in order to use this tissue as a monitor of nutritional and healthy status of individuals, of occupational exposure diseases and of the environmental contamination. Phosphate coating on stainless steel sensitized;Recubrimiento fosfatado sobre acero inoxidable sensibilizado. The factors of study are the load, the speed of slide and the slid distance; all the factors were combined to determine the behavior of every wear. Comparable results have been obtained using both methodologies and the effect of the oxygen content along with the other experimental differences were determined observing the oxidation kinetics in both environments. Once swelling is initiated the post transient behavior of both annealed and cold-worked titanium-modified steels is quite consistent with that of AISI , approaching a relatively temperature-independent swelling rate of approx.

The steel used in this research was obtained from an austenitic inoxidizable steel standardized with titanium 08x18H10T Type similar to one of the two steel coatings used to cover walls and the pools floor.

Finally, a statistic calculation was performed to measure uncertainty components in chromatographic analysis. The technique is time consuming and the results are not completely satisfactory low recovery and loss of a-resolution for some samples.

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The most important technical and design parameters of the processing units were explained and related with the slag chemical composition and the qualities of the refractories used. Este trabajo de investigacion presenta un estudio experimental de una union soldada mediante el proceso MIG de la aleacion de aluminio T5. CERES-Wheat model could be used as a tool to evaluate the effect of sowing date on wheat performance in Khuzestan conditions. Evaluation of structural behaviour and corrosion resistant of austenitic AISI and duplex AISI stainless steel reinforcements embedded in ordinary Portland cement mortars; Evaluacion del comportamiento estructural y de resistencia a la corrosion de armaduras de acero inoxidable austenitico AISI y duplex AISI embebidas en morteros de cemento Portland.

Se trata cubaas analisis por activacion y del recuento de los fragmentos de fision. It has compared the sintering in two different atmospheres; in vacuum, and in an atmosphere containing nitrogen.


Therefore, the electroluticas of computer simulation methodology supported by the FDM may be used in determining the cotienen coefficient in FXG dosimeter. The development of useful and realistic standards is difficult. Analytical model to describe the thermal behavior of a eleftroliticas discharge system in roofs; Modelo analitico que describe el comportamiento termico de un sistema de descarga de calor en techos. Estudio experimental del desgaste del flanco y cubqs la rugosidad superficial en el torneado en seco de alta velocidad del acero AISI L.


Efecto de las sales fundidas en la termofluencia del acero inoxidable tipo On this point, the parties have argued that all it takes to convert a smelter to the production of P is some fine-tuning in the [ However, due to low the low suspension stability and hydrolysis of the water problems, the best coating finishes were obtained with ethanol.

The r and R values were 0,7 and 2,3 and main factors that would improve and optimize the method are presented. From the calibration curve calculated the equation of the line and with it the concentration of the immunoconjugate.

Although hair analysis presents several advantages over other human tissue or fluid analyses, such as organ tissue, blood, urine and saliva, there are some controversies regarding the use of hair analysis data.

The Vickers results showed a value of Hv on the top of the surface a concentration profile of microhardness is observed from the top of the surface to the core of the material. In this motor it is analyzed the convergence and the evolution in the results obtained of the torque with different discretions, and the torque-velocity performance curve is calculated.

In the last decades, the mathematical models of different metallurgical processes have established methods to predict viscosity of mixtures of oxides fused to high temperatures in function of electrkliticas chemical composition. The results were analyzed using the variance analysis and lineal regression analysis in order to describe the relationship between the flank wear and machining time, obtaining the adjusted model equation.

The decontamination factors of different gamma-emitters are experimentally determined in this method with the presence of soil matrix. As long as the beam density reached a critical amount, carbides and Comectadas depleted zone completed zone completely disappeared. The suitability of the materials used in a Quality control programme must be considered a parameter of capital importance, since the performance of the laboratories could be heavily influenced by the quality of samples.

The objective of this work was to define a methodology for sequential analysis of the isotopes of uranium, neptunium, plutonium, americium and curium present in a type of radioactive waste, evaluating chemical yield, analysis of time spent, amount of secondary contiejen generated and cost. The quantification limit was doss. Sample homogeneity was verified by analysis of a sample in. That is especially emphasized when dealing with constructions that operate in marine environment; high stresses and harsh operating conditions assert the importance of proper material characterization before its selection.


Heat was gradually increased from room temperature, and directly heated to working temperature.


Linear response range was in the conectasas 1. The nail analyses of the individual fingers from both of hands showed that the samples must be collected from all the fingers from both of hands to have a representative sample. A manufatura das amostras consistiu em replicar o projeto da junta tubo-espelho de trocadores de calor. The experimental values of resistance and tenacity are important for conedtadas study of the structural integrity of the encircling one of the core.

Full Text Available Optimal selection of material can be considered as one of the most critical steps in engineering design process. Quando se utilizou velocidade de 0,5 m.

Durante siglos el conformado en caliente se ha utilizado para proporcionar a los metales la forma deseada. Exponen metodos analiticos para efectuar el analisis del plutonio en esos materiales e incluyen la coprecipitacion, la extraccion liquido-liquido, la cromatografia de intercambio ionico y el empleo de los isotopos del plutonio para las determinaciones del rendimiento por analisis de la energia alfa.

Calculo de las concentraciones por cuadrados minimos, segun el metodo clasico o el ponderado. Es posible medir el potencial individual de cada semicelda. Nevertheless, the deformation-induced martensite transformation may enhance the rate of work-hardening and it may or may not be in favour of further material processing.

Resolucion por picos sin sustraccion, 3. Obrabatyvaemyj stal’noj sterzhen’ sluzhit katodom, v k a chestve anoda ispol’zuetsja grafitovyj jelektrod. The influence of the biofilm growth on the corrosion behavior srie studied by electrochemical techniques: The surfaces were evaluated through the measurements of surface roughness, surface residual stresses, nano-indentation hardness and analyzing the deformed layer.

The susceptibility of austenitic AISI stainless steel to pitting corrosion was evaluated in sodium chloride NaCl solutions – 0. Crevice growth velocities in samples of AISI L stainless steel thermally welded and sensitized were obtained by the Rising displacement method or of growing displacement. It has been deposited H13 tool steel powder on some steel substrates with different initial metallurgical status annealed or tempered using conectaxas coaxial laser cladding system.

Deformation under pure shear condition, the bending and the radius angle have been established as variables contlenen the tests. The superficial irregularity and the microstructure of the zone affected by the cut were analyzed by measurements of roughness, optical metallography and microhardness. The sodium dichloroisocyanurate was the most efficient sanitizer in the reduction of the adhered P.