Activate Fever x4, Score , on each song or have an effector on top of a goal i. The higher the multiplier is, the shorter the timing window to activate Fever Mode is and the the faster the note chart’s scroll speed will be. Mar 4, Illinois. Online play with lobbies, and the most unlockables available throughout the series. Full Combos and high-combo marathon runs unlock extra content. How do I download it from raysource? As players successfully hit notes, a combo builds.

Mar 4, Illinois. It’s club tour mode is impossibly hard at times as well. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Club Tour with the patch enabled unlocks the 8 missing songs for those who don’t know, the 8 missing songs are: The group’s producer, DJ Clazzi, is credited as the artist in the game, although the entire group is involved. The higher the multiplier is, the shorter the timing window to activate Fever Mode is and the the faster the note chart’s scroll speed will be. DJ MAX works slightly differently than other games in the rhythm genre, however, as it focuses on a different kind of scoring technique. There are 5 categories:

How do I download it from raysource?

DJMax Portable Clazziquai Edition Season 2 Patch? : djmax

There are 5 categories: Activate Fever x4, Scoreon each song or have an effector on top of a goal i. A percentage rating is displayed for each successful hit. I already have it. Not too easy nor too difficult, it challenges the players without being overwhelming. Arcade Mode Arcade Mode is mqx more traditional, eastern music-game mode.

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The higher the note streak, the higher the end-song score is. The playlist will vary on which button configuration you choose at the beginning, as some songs are exclusive to certain schemes. Throughout playing the game, you can unlock new tracks to listen to in Album Mode including extended mixes of shortened songs found in the normal game.


Here are the unlocks for each version:. I don’t know how to use raysource, it’s in an asian language. Displays all the Emblems you’ve earned in Club Tour mode. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. Go to Link Unlink Change. The Arcana may be the way by which all is revealed These have all been removed and packed into a single “Effector” option in the Equipment menus. It will change the name to Clazziquai Extended Edition.

Didn’t have the time to notice what is new. There are 3 stages to play through, each stage having it’s own separate playlist of songs.

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Downloaded it from the links on raysource very fast. Also, the song selection is poor. Option Mode Options menu. Black Square was much harder, but it kept the “auto-correct” that people hated.

Cause my dj max 3 still won’t work on pro-b4. You’ll start in the opening town with 4 clubs for you to perform in. It fixed numerous bugs that were discovered upon the release of Clazziquai Edition which subsequently postponed the release of DJ MAX Portable Black Square, since it ran off the same code and added in other features like the addition of 8 hidden songs, alternative song patterns and a new “Season” to the Club Tour mode.

The first two games feel smooth as butter by comparison. Check the Black Square board if you haven’t already, there’s another topic there, and someone may have uploaded to other sites like megaupload or rapidshare by now. Wow, I think DJ max series is one of the new series where when i encounter a new mission, i’m content with just getting a B and going on.


At least nothing compared to Project Diva, but that’s another story I think I liked Clazziquai more for the songs, but I’d certainly recommend both of them. Oct 27, Canada. May 3, Chicago. Don’t have an account?

Jul 15, Toronto, Ontario. It’s purely by chancethe game will feel extremely repetitive with it’s small track selection. Also the learning curve on this game is steep.

Search titles only Posted by Member: It won’t actually show it or display it in game, but when you play the song on said style, you’ll definitely see a difference. This can be continued to a maximum multiplier of ‘x5’. Shows statistics like your high score, highest combo and accuracy rating for each song in each Arcade Clazzqiuai setting. However, they are only for appearance purposes only.

Separate names with a comma. There are 3 different types of clubs. Portable 3 looks nice and doesn’t really have the framerate problems of Clazziquai, but the mechanics feel weird. Sign up for free! They need specific cracks for those games. Club Mode is a new addition to the series, later adapted by Black Square.