By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. In Peru Owned by: The egg holding its card and Move Card opened on the grass Found in place: Paris is named after the type of dinosaur that she is. Its card and Move Card fell on a dirt floor. The English versions of the series use names differing from the Japanese versions; in this article the English names are used.

When the Alpha Gang summons two dinosaurs for a battle, Spiny is always one of the two dinosaurs, the other commonly being Terry. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s general notability guideline. He is the largest dinosaur in the series. Fire Bomb Fire Owned by: This article has multiple issues. It could breathe fire at any time.

With the help of Ursula’s Epsode, the team quickly rounds up countless rare African animals, while continuing their search for the latest dinosaur. Sunlight that was reflected off a building shined on its embedded card. Her transformation is composed of the hatchling spinning her back legs growing in separately like most dinosaurs, and then the front legs growing in together, followed by the crest growing and an eye shine, she then rears up and roars.

He mistook a robotic ceratopsid used by Stanley Spinoberg for one of his own kind and fell in love with it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dinosaur King

Sheer first activated it to attack the D-Team. Sand Trap Earth Owned by: During the battle, a woolly mammoth swallow the black Cosmos Stone and with the volcano out of control, the D-Team must retreat. It is an arcade-only dinosaur. Noting that both the android and Alpha’s base are built on technology far beyond that of the dinnosaur, they begin to suspect that these visitors may in fact have come from the future. Z when he tried to reclaim it, but attacked him in confusion and later again after he and Ursula set Terry and Spiny on him.


The egg holding its card and Move Card opened on the grass Found in meltdon The Alpha Gang are the primary yet inept antagonists of the first series who abduct any dinosaur cards they kin using their own dinosaurs as their muscle. Spike Taylor and the parents when the Taylor’s house was placed on their timeship.

It is the only dinosaur in the second series to not be equipped with Spectral Armor as Sheer’s Deinonychus Trio defeated it before Foolscap got the chance to activate it.

The egg that its card was in fell into a bush. Full Episode S 2: Fire First Seen in Episode: Later, Sheer took control of its mind with a mind-control device and used it to attack the Alpha Gang and the D-Team. Anchiceratops possesses Death Grind in which he also farts at Spiny, but this was cut from the 4Kids dub.

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Gavro appears and had a battle with Rex and Ace. At Zeta Point Moves Used: Meanwhile, Zoe’s father accidentally escapes the pirates’ ship and landed on the ground where Tokugawa’s men mistook him the real Ieyasu Tokugawa.

She also helps in epksode fight against Black Tyrannosaurus. Mole Attack Earth Owned by: The D-Team must than try to stop them. Contributors Become a contributor.

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Finosaur Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. Just like the Therizinosaurus, Dr. Tank was referred to as a male in her initial debut but since then has been referred to as being female.

Ep – Max’s house meltdkwn with everyone’s parents inside. Secret First seen in Episode: Its card and Move Card fell on a dirt floor. Princess of the City Full Episode S 2: Like the Pachycephalosaurus, it is also attracted to the light of the sun.

Z altered its mind to be aggressive and violent and s he was defeated by Terry. In KyotoJapan Move Used: Emerald Garden Grass Owned by: Gavro first activates it to attack the Alpha Gang. In Loch NessScotland Owned by: Attack Burst Normal Owned by: The egg containing its card fell into Niagara Falls.


Zahrah first mistook it for a genie since the egg containing its card was in a lamp she found in a cave when she was dinoaaur by the 40 Thieves bandits after her caravan was attacked. There, they get corned by Cardinal Richelieu and the Queen’s guards.

He enjoys nibbling on things such as Max’s nose hence the name Chomp, and is the D-Team’s strongest main dinosaur he has been able to beat two or all three of the Alpha Gang’s dinosaurs with one move card. It is an altered Tyrannosaurus created by Seth from a complete Tyrannosaurus skeleton to make it even more powerful.

Z’s possession when we first see its card and is revealed to be the most violent of the secret-element dinosaurs, being it was violent since it was a hatchling and worse as an adult.

Dinosaur Amour Full Episode S 2: He is an adept swimmer and uses this to his advantage when fighting Ace. When the egg that contained its card and Move Card opened, a cup of soda spilled on it.

In an uncharacteristic display of compassion, Ursula, humbled by Z’s subhuman treatment prepares to release the Iguanodon into the wild, but little does she know Seth is hot on her heels and determined not to let this dinosaur escape him. Max D-Team Other Info: However, it kept getting disturbed and was driven mad by all the noise.