In spite of not having a definite plot, it still provides rich details in its surroundings. Retrieved from ” https: Audible Download Audio Books. Makoy and Lex are saved by Lex’s tribemates although Makoy is shot. Edit Storyline A family of bloodthirsty monsters descends on the city to take revenge on the man that caused the death of so many of their own. Some might seek for more than being funny and cool, but they might be missing the real fun. After a tense standoff, Veron lets Makoy free. Edit Details Official Sites:

And there we take a look on a factory that grinds human parts into hotdogs, and then we watch most of its characters not taking their monstrous threat seriously and sometimes make a priceless gag about it, and finally the Hollywood wannabe action scenes that finds creative ways of pulling off each set piece. It is the second installment of the Aswang Chronicles franchise and the sequel to the film Tiktik: Retrieved from ” https: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Makoy comes face-to-face with Veron, the elder leader of the Kubot. Use the HTML below. Edit Details Official Sites: It is an official entry to the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival and was released on December 25, in Philippine cinemas.

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Learn more More Like This. Films directed by Erik Matti. Makoy and Nestor survive the ordeal. After their mother’s death, her adult children gather in their family home to respect the funereal rite of Pa-sayim. The film still has some little flaws, but they are easy to ignore anyway. It is the second installment of the Aswang Chronicles franchise and the sequel to the film Tiktik: Danes two develop a relationship which benefits each others needs.

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Nieves and Lex escapes back to the former’s house. Joey Marquez and new to the cast, Lotlot de Leon, bring a perfect chemistry for the movie’s best comic relief. The acting is pretty much the same and it’s a great thing. The franchise just continues to expand this mythology and it gets even more interesting.


The Arrival I However, their bus is ambushed by Kubots hairy bat-like creatures – a variation of aswang. Nestor and Nieves stop the meat shipment, while Lex and Veron wipeout Dom’s minions. Tope Julie Anne San Jose Lex and Veron confront Dom regarding the missing council members. The Aswang Chronicles 2 is perfectly entertaining.


Kubot is a little less gritty than the first one. These Aswang Chronicles movies have its own personality and that what makes them special. Eh, maybe worth watching!! His grieving mother is consoled by one of the attendees Marian Riverawho promises that his death will be avenged. Following the plot doesn’t exactly matter in this edition; how the film constructed each scenario, including the ones that introduces its characters, brings total intrigue.

Macapagal as Bogart the Explorer Joey Marquez Nieves and Lex then return to the latter’s house, where they are brought to the police station as part of the investigation regarding the murder of Lex’s family.

Use the HTML below. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Scorpio Nights 2 Filipino crime thriller inspired by a real-life scandal in which prison inmates are temporarily released from prison to work as contract killers on behalf of politicians and high ranking military officials. While there, Lex explains that she found out that tainted processed meat from Dom’s Hotdogs are causing normal people to change into aswangs.

This is just a perfect combination of twisted, hilarious, and fun.

In those aspiring to be priest, are sent to a remote convent to live in seclusion Seklusyon on the last day of their training. Justiniani and Macapagal are executed, but the rest of them are able to get free due to Makoy’s efforts.

Makoy, Nestor and Nieves plan to prevent the delivery of the free but harmful food. This article needs additional citations for verification. Meanwhile, a council of elder aswangs with one council member absent summon Dominic KC Monteroan aswang raised in a foreign country and owner of Dom’s Hotdogs, to express their disapproval of Dom’s actions.

Dingdong Dantes leads Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 cast members |

The accident kills most of the passengers, while Makoy loses his right arm. The Aswang Chronicles looked like an experiment of today’s visual effects, but that surprisingly becomes the least memorable part of the movie since it already provides a lot of witty humor and excitement within its characters and direction. Some might ask for a little more depth into the story’s drama, but that is easily resolved in the end where it also plays with a crueler gag.


The Aswang Chronicles 2 7. One night, she decides to eavesdrop on movje doctor’s after-office work, and finds her torturing a patient.

Makoy receives a new arm in cingdong for battle. Edit Did You Know? In the heat of the moment, he killed Nanay Xedes and the two were back to the movke of society. As they make their escape, Lex dahtes that she and movid tribe refrain from eating human flesh, although this makes them weaker than the ones that do eat humans. In spite of not having a definite plot, it still provides rich details in its surroundings.

The action scenes are cool enough to pose as a big blockbuster, though my only complain that anyone else may not agree with is some of the slow-mos. As additional police arrive, Makoy and Lex escape while Nestor and Nieves are arrested, although they are able to prove that it was an aswang attack due to the capture of Tope Jun Sabaytona corrupt meat inspector who was turned into an aswang. The real deal of this journey is just having fun with its weird universe, the kind of imagination that is rarely available in today’s Filipino cinema.

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Exodus, a grim and unsmiling mercenary must lead the survivors to the enchanted land.