He suddenly jumps on conclusions while he knows him the best.. It comes at you way to fast. I’m not a big fan of Junko’s sister either. And speaking about ending, I;m not sure what to expect, perhaps a second season? After Akuto demolishes the practice yard during what should have been an easy magic lesson, Mitsuko suggests he spends time in the mental discipline chamber in order to learn to control mana. Not at all, but as you said the conduct of the Catholic Church is horrible. On another note I really want to read the novel.

V I had 0 expectations from this but aside from ep7 which was epic fail the rest was quite good. He loses the suit. And what happened with Junko’s sister? Enjoyed, but brave is still annoying as ever. Akuto meets Fujiko Eto, the female dorm leader and the only person who seems to understand him at school. I completely condemn the writers for making the stupid little kid Brave, I belive, and such a stupid name into a pathetic Megaman tool. When he finally gets away, he encounters a nasty surprise waiting for him in the underground. It comes at you way to fast.

They are both totally different things.

Note that this is a prediction and is not to be held liable for any sort of plot derailment. Shit just got real?!?!?!? It comes at you way to fast. Enjoyed, but brave is still annoying as ever. They attack him because they fear he’ll do something bad and he goes and actually does it.

It was a pretty logical choice he made in picking to save the life of keena over comforting junko. Maybe they end on a cliffhanger?

I want to see how Eiko ends up, she’s definitely part of the “bad” gang, after killing that guy at the start of the episode. Nice to see her finally getting some scenes. Meanwhile, Eiko and her army storm the school.

Action Epiode Fantasy Romance. It seems her main concern is getting power or that sword In conclusion Hitler used the Catholic Church to gain power and when it was no longer of use, he took over diamao in Germany and made it support him, the Nazis.


Hitler eventually decides to take over religion in Germany and replace it with his own brand of Nazi Christianity. True, Brave is a horrible character who becomes super-powered for no reason, but I still would choose him as a more justifiable character than Akuto.

It’ll be even worse than the original, that’s how history has shown many revolutions to end up. I mean seriously, demon lord killing mode?!?!?! BBCode My Blog http: Akuto chastises the android, leaving Korone strangely affected by his scolding.

The Empire in this story is a theocracy! S any1 noticed the 2 pics around the first part of the ep? Hey, it’s well deserved.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Episode 10 Discussion

I think if Peterhausen had just been in every episode from the beginning, this show would be even better than it is. BBCode Modified by darkkiller0, Jun 4, 1: It’s like you gut out the entire government and nothing left and leave people to do what they want. Once again, he has to get past the annoying Korone — but this time, Kena Soga shows up, wanting Akuto to make good on his promise to be friends.

And what happened with Junko’s sister? She has no remorse. Brave seems to have some doubts about Akuto’s actions; this is good, as it usually makes characters more likable, but he does not know what exactly he himself is fighting for, which leads us to criticize both his indecisiveness and his power-up suit.

What I see is just epispde anti-religion and government message saying it’s just a system to manipulate people. Wow, that’s just classic flawed reasoning. No better yet, you shouldn’t even show the evident bias against Catholicism in any counter-argument. They’re all attacking the demon lord for some reason. The beasts underground Constant Academy are also awake, and Fujiko takes an egg hoping to tame the beast inside.

daimal Damn i hate cliffhanger: But they don’t need them around demkn. Continue to Anime Network. I still like it but it could have been much more than this. Lame megaman clone is lame. True he still considers Akuto his friend but does that mean he lets Akuto destroy everything? Guys, do I have to wait for an uncensored version or it doesn’t contain ecchi parts like ep9?


He is just an annoying kid who apparently found the power to easily defeat akuto reliably. It went fast but it kept me entertained all the way through the end.

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And the head-director just went master roshi on the blond bastard’s ss! So he goes with the monster vaimao to kill the gods because he believes that the system is deluding everybody to kill each other, war.

What do you do about the wrong doing by the people using their religion or whatever they use to justify their actions? He comes to his senses and helps Akuto or 2: Korone explains that other students look down on her, as she cannot use magic — a sign that she is ill-favored by the mana-controlling computer, God.

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Just when i think things are getting good and power range brave daimap having troubles because his personal abilities don’t match his weapon’s powers, he powers up and it is episodr problem again.

I think perhaps you’ve missed the point. For all your gar-ness, you end up becoming a dictator and we know how that goes. You do know Hitler was religious and he used that same incredibly flawed “system” to convince the Catholics it was ok to kill to the Jews.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Episode 10 Discussion.