When Sejong said that he never loved the people, Chae-yoon assuredly tells him that he did. Suddenly he steps forward and throws off the cloak revealing a Mohican hairstyle! We find her some ways away, alive thank goodness , but something is amiss when she sits up. I can see the germ of validity in JKJ’s argument. Episode 12 by LollyPip. The Haerye is splattered with blood, but seemingly complete.

I was yelling – this is not really happening! HeadsNo2, I lub u! I was in my computer during that final scene. It aired in Thailand on Channel 7 every Monday to Thursday at 2. Perhaps knowing that now her corpse will be taken care of, he runs off without a word to fulfill her dying wish. The moment she passes, Chae-yoon holds her close and lets out this heartbreaking sigh, as if her leaving this world has just hit him. Everyone is so astute like in their comments here.

They’ve already set the date for a TwDR special on the 28th, then it’s awards time on Well, Jung Ki-joon, I take back everything I ever said about liking you when you made that initial switch from Ga Ri-on to your current version.

He doesn’t get into the politics of it all, merely following orders. Sejong claims that though he wanted to give the people power, but in the end he only wanted to share responsibility. The bittersweet ending reminded me that the fight that Sejong, So-yi, Chae-yoon, Mu-hyul, and even Jeong Ki Terqkhir fought is one that will go on until the end of human history, one requiring our vigil to ensure that government works for the people rather than works the people.

Young Mi asks Sun Ferakhir what kind of person she was. During the time epidode Appa grew up, it was legitimate to spell it that way. Still, he took a chance on his specialty of getting the most out of bare essentials – as banal and simple as touch – to access a world of parental gaze and all its ramifications when met with life’s twists and turns: Trde, if you look at the screen caps of the kid’s spelling, you’ll see that she spells absolutely phonetically.


Did I miss something while reading the recaps and watching the episodes? This leads me to believe that once HR does find out, she will be in major danger.

[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 18

However, for a second there I really believed that Jung Ki-joon was feigning his death in order to draw Sejong closer so he could at least attempt to stab the King with that dagger we saw him carrying before.

This drama was just awesome in every way terakhie look at it. For them, it’s just an easy match game. Like what he said, Jung Ki Joon is now just a butcher and can only work behind the scenes, so he can’t exactly lead the learned scholars or so he thinks. SSH in a Episodee Mouse t-shirt!

You are commenting using your Facebook account. She seems disappointed and is about to say something but stops herself. He plans to show everyone how the king has failed. Thank you, I’m off to read.

But during the ceremony we see Jeong Gi Joon in the crowd dressed as a local and Gae Pa Yi hiding under a hooded cloak. Thus, this is a perfect time to thank all of you.

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HeadsNo2, you’re awesome, as always! Rachel May 28, at epislde Did he not even wait one second? What I wanted to see in this ep. As for his performance in ChunoI never got around to watching the series, but from the little I’ve seen, it was the furthest thing from one-note.


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He’s so earned it over his career of playing villainy. Then he stands on the bridge roooted like at the beginning. That’s why he is adamant in stopping the alphabet. I really want to learn Hangul and so Sun Mi is upset that Young Mi has lost her memory. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Does this mean the end of Lee Bang-ji? I can see the germ of validity epissode JKJ’s argument.

I expect an end very very awesome Thanks for the recap HsNo2. Or maybe it does.

Read it to them? It was heartbreaking to see the king discovered his son was murdered. Sejong refuses to believe such a small reason like his people knowing the letters would topple the stability of Joseon, but it will help them to live better.

I just don’t see how it can happen. I was yelling – this is not really happening!

Deep Rooted Tree Episode 24 Final

It starts with the leeeeetle tiny fleas, jumps to tdee and birds, to cats and dogs, horses and cattle, slaves and peasants, servants and masters, merchants and yanbans, students and scholars, court folks and royalty. So-yi is sooooo beautiful! Refreshing does pay off: But instead of being angry, Shim Jong-soo merely hands over the Hidden Root Scroll and the roster of names.