It’s unfair towards my opponents and not remotly enjoyable for me. The process of putting your crosshair on them and shooting would be no different than if they were standing still. Just quit playing for a long time. You can just decay too far in the current system. I’d much rather see something like hitreg, clock drift and the like be adressed again. The fact is that they cannot hit lucky shots every time, some days they are going to be lucky, some days they won’t. You don’t need strats when you play cs, unless you’re on a team trying to win a league. I couldn’t believe it.

Over hours since last September, took a vacation, dmg, can’t play game. You don’t “lose” that much skill after taking a long break. It isn’t fair for them, and it isn’t fair for me. I’ve won many LANs. Cause if you just play casual all the time you’ll probably only know how to play dust 2 LOL. Hope you are having a great day

If I wanted to have lots of fun, I would play competitive.

Just don’t make it one shot headshot on huge ranges. When I’m playing with lower ranked friends I tend to “play dumber” meaning that I mostly use SMG’s or pistols and just run around doing stupid shit.

Matchmaking rank decay needs to be adjusted. : GlobalOffensive

I was away from home for a year working on a cruise ship. Good luck and Have fun! Your shot will get good once you get a hang of it. Similar to how Kenny’s nutty flicks or screams one taps are muscle memory and skill. The fact that only a couple of pros have given the SG and AUG a chance in competitive games speaks volumes about how exaggerated the “problem” of first shot accuracy is.

There are a lot of players out there that to a new player will appear to be hackers, but that fog just the reality in a game which as you mentions, got so many mechanics to master. MGE – on come the hackers.

It’s not just a matter of pulling down and to the left as he said; that’s great when you’re aiming at a stationary target, but there is no way to track with the spray, which is ds important when playing vs pistols or smgs, or even just multiple people peeking you.


People are just not playing enough to catch back up. Again the focus is less on pure aim, but other skills.

What did you do to rankup practice routine or tips? How is that a good reason when the player with less skill could also get a kill when he missed the head completely but the bullet chose to go to the far end of the inaccuracy zone.

Flashbangs are incredible, learn how and where to throw them by experimentation and watching others. The next highest fragger was 4 points ahead of the rest and shit talking despite only having any kills because he was the biggest baiter, just got non impact kills at the end of the round with an SMG. It’s just that when attempting to defend a principle, it isn’t a bad idea, I would say, to initially argue in the realm of principle.


My favorite game don’t be turn off by players my last game was my promotion go-timw I was the only initiator on sights and my team baited cx picks and then called me trash for having more deaths. I only buy it if we’re good but have to drop my m4a1-s.

I understand the price difference, but if we’re talking about games that aren’t at the highest level in other words, the level of matchmaking for the majority of people here then it’s not like the cost means a lot.

GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders go-rime, users here now New? A yes I started a silver 2 and am now legendary eagle. Without inaccuracy people on fire with screams aim could take down all people alone.

Small things like that can add up, and need to be dealt with one by one in order to rank up. Makes me so sad tbh. This is what should increase with inactivity. When you’ve played FPS games most of your life, that doesn’t just go away. The grind is ridiculous. Because even with the horrible accuracy of the AK, you still almost never see someone buying dsagle SG.

You don’t need strats when you play cs, unless you’re on a team trying to win a league. Chess but a pawn can still fuck up a queen given the right scenario. New “Hyper Beast” themed skin. Give us in game incentives to play these modes correctly. I was so happy to finally have reached this rank, only to be able to trust no-one in not a single game. And no I’m not one of those people defending 1.


If a player doesn’t play the game at all for let’s say one year though, his aim will get worse and he’ll need some time to get used to the mechanics again. I put off buying the game for a long time because I had some false ideas in my head that it was everything I hated about FPS games. And the decay in CS: I told the poster above me what the problem with the SG spray is, and why that is a very legitimate reason not to buy it.

In this game it’s all about holding angles and there’s no need for crazy movements. Oh and the spray has less rng!!! Would you also make deagle a perfectly accurate standing with damage dropoff and outrage the community OR b keep the inaccuracy and make it shitty in comparison to money spent vs rifles?

So once you got past this hypothetical fixed Elo you were in Global – except as more and more people got in it got easier to get in, because you only had to beat relative noobs to get there. While smg’s and pistols don’t suffer nearly as much from this, firing a rifle or sniper while moving drastically reduces your chances of hitting what you are shooting at. Each skin is unique Hope u enjoy this design http: It’s insane that the game still feels fresh after so many hours.

And gamesense doesn’t just disappear.