Crazy Horse ducks down and disappears into the grass. Use the HTML below. Another Musketeer aims his musket at the head Ming Warrior. As the two Navy SEALs make their way through the underbelly of the building, two Israeli Commandos set up an explosive trap with a glob of Semtex stuck to it and attach it to a string, which is attached to a doorknob. He pulls out the sword and watches as blood spurts from the Samurai’s neck. The Spartan sits up and grabs the chain. Katana , Naginata , Yumi , Kanabo. The Samurai makes a quick thrust at the Spartan in an attempt to finish him off.

The Apache pulls out his tomahawk and swings at the Gladiator. Ivan smirks at the condemned as he rises from his kneeling position. The leader of the Mafia pulls out a flaming bottle, lights it, and tosses it into the fray of bullets. Roosevelt pulls out the knife and Lawrence falls down dead. In the confusion, the Nazi leader manages to escape from the clutches of the Viet Cong and rush into the jungle. Elsewhere, Khan rides in on his war horse and strikes down a Carthaginian soldier with his Turko-Mongol Saber.

Lawrence takes a step forward and swings, causing Roosevelt to shout and lunge forward. The Mongol takes aim and swings the heavy mace again, hitting the floor as the Comanche dodges and gets set up for a counter-attack. He drops it and picks up an Uzi. The Green Beret leader enters the room and spots the Spetsnaz leader trying to hide. The grenade explodes, killing two soldiers.

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Thinking that he is trying to steal his treasure, the Pirate pulls out one of his flintlock pistols. The other Nazi jumps across the river and kills an oncoming Viet Cong soldier with his MP 28 as he approaches the river.


Shaka slashes Wallace’s leg with his iklwa, forcing Wallace back. As the two chariots race across the field, the Immortal fires an arrow from his bow and hits the Celt’s impaker in his chest. The Israeli Commando next to him warrilr him die, but shrugs it off. The Knight begins swinging his morning star and signals his horse to charge at the Pirate.

As Joan and the remaining two knights enter the castle through the breach in the wall, William’s fourth and last soldier kills a third knight with a slice to the face. The last Cartel member hears the explosion and runs for an exit.

Her armour absorbs the blow from his blade and is dented, but it protects her as she backs down a few steps. The last Republican Guard pops out of the doorway of the building he entered and fires at the rebel, forcing him to regroup behind cover with Pol Pot and the episide rebel, who return fire.

The third man struggles to catch up, but is stabbed from behind by Frank, who emerges from a dark closet with the Bowie knife.

He swings it around and hurls a rock at the Zande Warrior, but misses him yet again. The Comanche raises his bow and gives off a loud war cry and falls back.

He realizes that it will not do him any good, however, and chooses to discard it in favor of his Sling. The two begin swinging at each other until the Samurai hits his shield.

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The Gladiator tries to cut the Apache with the sica, but the Apache knocks it out of his hand with the war club. Top Nonfiction Shows See All.


In addition, a chronological date for the Knight is given as the year The Samurai manages to get up and pulls out his katana. Zande In the latest Aftermath, we’ll take on the controversies that erupt when the Aztec Jaguar faces off against the Zande warrior. He pulls out his Botto and Pima and climbs down the hill to run towards the Aztec Jaguar. The two warriors eye each other, waiting for the other to strike.

Hannibal falls down dead as The Great Khan gives a victorious shout. The Celt runs past the Persian chariot, vaulting over the incoming Scythe. He gets up and warriof to flee from the Zande. The Mongol swings his glaive but is parried by the Comanche’s War Lance.

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Meanwhile, in the forest, the episoe follow Pancho and the last Villista, cornering them behind trees. He opens a closet door and sees a hand holding an AK Using this opportunity, the Comanche fires two more arrows at the blinded Mongolian, one which flies past him and another which lands right in front of him. The explosion throws the Spetsnaz man out and kills him.

The Viking recovers his axe and begins swinging wildly at the Samurai.