Then she’s hit on the head and kidnapped, and wakes up in a mansion. Viehl , Gena Hale , Jessica Hall. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. First of all, I don’t think I’d call this a romance novel, because there’s no actual romance in it. Mar 26, Nichole DirrtyH rated it did not like it Shelves: They are in love, but have unresolved issues which start to get resolved as the series goes on.

I look forward to her next step with Michael Cyprien. I didn’t like any of it. Meanwhile, her brother is recruited into a sadistic Catholic army called the Brethen who are set upon exterminating the vampires. The world building is intricate; Viehl has a strong and compelling voice, and the characters are nicely drawn. So I got If Angels Burn. This book was just terrible.

One- really cool occupation of the main character. In fact, there is practically no romance here. Mar 20, Shanna Matheo rated it liked it Shelves: By the way, I love you, here’s a sword. A secret unsanctioned sect of the Angele church dedicated to hunting down and eradicating the Darkyn. They are the un-dead minions of Satan.

If Angels Burn

It’s a vampire series, and it has a couple passionate scenes in it, but it’s not the least bit romantic – more like dark and evil. To ask other readers questions about If Angels Burnplease sign up.

Her patient’s disfigurement is beyond medical repair. Beneath the foundation of a mansion in the heart of the Garden District, Serie will perform an illegal surgery.

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I’ve re-read this book and Dark Need trying to understand how I could love this author’s voice, but not her books. The book follows both Alex’s descent into Darkyn and John’s descent into the Brethren. No likeable characters, no charming or funny scenes, no intriguing mythology The first several chapters had me hooked when she performs the surgery and everything is a big mystery.

Refresh and try again. Except possibly, Alex “Speedy fingers” Keller. I really liked Alexandra. It just wasn’t believable to me. It simply didn’t fit the romance novel tropes and style that I’m used to reading. Jun 24, Christel rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Novel Of The Darkyn Series: I found her to be pretty much annoying.

I need the villains to good motivation for what they do.

If angels burn : a novel of the Darkyn / Lynn Viehl – Details – Trove

I really don’t like Feehan’s work and really wish I hadn’t stuck it out so long with Kenyon. If your looking for a love story Sarkyn don’t think you’l This book should not be categorized as romance.

Viehl does a great job of getting across that Alex is really angry about her fate.

Even as they travel in private jets and use technology, they still speak with an old world formality and intonations none of them call Alex a Doctor, they instead use the term “leech”view women from a 13th century perspective, and are alternately puzzled by and resentful of the 21st century.

Really – I kid you not – graphic descriptions of torture is fairly common in this book. So they don’t find a conventional romance HEA at the close of this book. Yes, they are difficult to categorise, but it shouldn’t be such a problem. I liked the idea of Alexandra being a plastic surgeon and healing vampires. I’m going to pick up book 2 and see how I feel about the series then. Now she must save this man who seems beyond redemption—and who fulfills her deepest, darkest desires….


I look forward to the next book: I think one of the reasons I tend of veer away from the “romance” part of paranormal romances is the quick acceptance some of the heroines have of their fate. I wanted to like Michael Cyprien. He claims that if Alexandra can cut him a new face fast enough, he will heal back to the way he used to be.

Quite a bit of the smexin made me a bit uncomfortable as well. I also like how they all have a special distinct talent Michael can mess with your memories and perceptions, Alex can read the minds of violent killers, Phillipe can control other people’s motor functions etc. So tit for tat. Nothing here is acceptable to me, except the world. There is a different couple for each book but the first couple’s story, Michael and Alexandra from this book, archs throughout the series.

Mar 28, Shannon C.