The watch here is pictured on one of our Model 1 straps , a nylon mil-strap or a Di-Modell Pilot strap, as I do not have the original. Along with the guarded screw-down crown, which measures 6. December 22nd, 9. The time now is My first watch review: Are my eyes deceiving me, or is this the case pun intended? The advantage of screwed down pushers is that they prevent unintentional running of the sub-counters.

A couple of reasons, one was the size of it although its smaller than the Riseman and secondly I had read about the slabsided look of it but didn’t really understand it. The lume itself is decent, though not amazing. I haven’t worn it enough, but definitely think I need more time with it. If you like the Nato, a two piece zulu style strap might suit you. Once again, the bezel index consists of pure white numerals and markers against a black surface. New Watches Industry News. Results 1 to 10 of And that 8 colour strap really works with the metal.

The unique dark-silver appearance of the case is a product of manufacturing in-house, and is the absolute highlight of the DC December 22nd, 5. I like the flexibility of being able to change the look and tighten or loosen as required.

It also has an almost gear-like industrial wagch that is aesthetically appealing. Damasko had been in co-operation with Sinn for few years.

Flieger Friday: Damasko DC 56 Review

Without a pin tool, in the field, why are straps being changed? This also gives the rebiew a feel of a vertical two-register design, making it a bit different that most chronos.

Wore it rfview lot on a black Sinn rubber. Damasko DC 56 Review Is the practical difference that great? The DC66 is for those who are looking for a chronograph that can take a beating, and emphasize at-a-glance legibility over decorative flourishes.

So much so, that I think it would honestly come down to personal preferences in terms of design and branding.


June 30th, The DC66 features three sub-dials in typical arrangement with the minute counter at 12, hour counter at 6 and active seconds at 9. Actually, only the small squares on the edge of the dial, vc56 triangle at 12, the hour and minute hands and the pip in the bezel glow. Help Forgot your password? Aesthetically, the chunky pushers and long crown are aggressive, playing off of the bezel. A couple of rdview, one was the size of it although its smaller than the Riseman and secondly I had read about the slabsided look of it but didn’t really understand it.

I never wear it anymore. The case reminiscent of another German watch, the Sinn The watch to me, wears bigger than the 40mm it is. I agree that the Damasko logo should have been lowered a little. It would be perfect. The DC66 is a bit less money, but the has additional anti-humidity technology.

I particularly would have liked the tennis ball yellow hand they use on the DA So initial impressions were good, as it comes in quite a nice box and upon opening it, it has an attractive face.

Same with the central second-hand counter. The Damasko DC 56 is powered by a Valjoux movement with day and date indication.

All the hands have the same SuperLuminova white C1. Damasko is a family owned watch brand based in Barbing, a small village close to Regensburg, the Donau and the Walhalla in Germany. I like the cross-hair design as it reduces the weight of the sub-dial within the dial as a whole, putting much more emphasis on the registers at 12 and 6. It is seriously tough.

By Sean Lorentzen And I mean value in the true sense. DC 56 can survive most situations, including harsh military environment, due to the hardened case. Damasko makes a great watch. The Color 8 provides a darker and more striking look. Interesting – thanks for the review – and your update: I think this lends a ‘stealth’ look to the DC One of the most fundamental technologies at play in the case of the DC66, and all Damaskos for that matter, is the use of their proprietary ice-hardened, nickel-free steel.


Goodbye to the Queen of Watch Thieves.

Damasko Watches – DC56

December 22nd, 8. I love the idea, and am always happy to see a brand customize the date to suit their design, but it makes for one small design quirk that sometimes gets under my skin. The gorgeous gray steel works really well with certain drab and dark colors. September 6th, This is my first watch with a screwed in crown, so changing the time was a novel experience.

I understand why they moved away from drilled lugs but I think it is still more practical with them for easy pin access. All of the sub-dials have small stick hands in white. If you like the Nato, a two piece zulu style strap might suit you.

Damasko DC66 Review

Excuse the poor pics I only had my phone camera to hand. The technological innovations by Damasko become apparent upon wearing the watch.

You can definitely tell its on your wrist. Many a watch feature roman sword hands, but not all look or feel right. It is C1 superluminova which gives a nice white finish during daylight but disappoints in the dark.

Staying true to the watfh design, the lines and squares are stark an blunt; easily readable at a glance. Images from this post:.