The biggest cooking competition in the world and someone makes it by steaming dhokla! Given botargo to create a United Kingdom-inspired dish, Andrew, Dalvinder and Audra struggled with the unfamiliar ingredient and fell into the Bottom 3 and a Pressure Test. The strategy was simple: The result would be determined by kitchen performance, opinions around the dining room and the judges’ tasting. The top two dishes, picked from the judges’ favorite five dishes, were Audra and Ben. Neha Sen — a Bong and a boddyee at that — and Rishi Desai. Andy, Mindy and Audra excelled with their dishes, mostly compiled from leftovers.

Ben offered to give up his place in the competition if it would save Emma, but after the judges made it clear that, should he leave, Emma would still have to cook, he decided to cook in the second round. They then had 90 minutes to cook the same three savoury dishes. Andy’s lacked visual balance due to the size of his tuna portion, but scored in taste. A producer from Shine Australia has told The Telegraph: Teams picked up ingredients on behalf of OzHarvest and created their menu from what was available. The bottom two consisted of Julia – with undercooked duck – and TK. Retrieved 26 November

Emma and Ben were the first to guess incorrectly and were sent into the final elimination round. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Team Challenge was at the Barilla Pasta Factory in Parmawith the teams cooking three pasta dishes each to feed staff.

Dhami is now selling her delicious Indian dishes, including butter chicken, lamb korma and mixed vegetable curry, at her local markets. The biggest flaw in Wade’s quiche was undercooked pastry, and his salad was deemed “careless”.

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Kylie, Ben, Andy and Sam were the first contestants found to have incorrectly cooked their meat, sending them through to the second round: Retrieved 28 June Andy served up his modernised Seafood Basket with which the judges found little fault, despite insecure plating. Kylie and Ben most impressed, leaving Andy and Sam to compete in the final round: The team with the most total votes from the visitors to the Garden would avoid elimination.

Audra scored the fewest points and became the Third Place finisher. Rant against the Masterchef Australia quota system. First-in-line Kevin incorrectly labelled one of the hardest varieties lasagnotteand as no-one else could identify it correctly, his decision pulled the next five people in the line into the second round.


It was her innovative use of time and ingredients that saw her pronounced safe, as Mario was eliminated. Retrieved 30 April Kylie was eliminated, but was offered a pastry apprenticeship by Brahimi. The hopefuls would then mastercheef ranked from 1 to 5 according to the quality of their sauce, thus determining the order in which they got to pick their cuts of beef for the second challenge.

It came down to Audra, whose dish disappointed the judges for not showing enough technique, and Mindy, who had drastically undercooked her fillet of barramundi.

Audra struggled in the kitchen, but the dish sent out in the end was “impeccable”. She qualified by cooking dhokla. Mastegchef did manage near-perfect looking desserts, but failed to fix his split caramel to a decent consistency and had a dense mousse on top. What surprised us masterhcef the choices of dishes served in the first episode: Each team served some delicious fare, but it was the Blue Team’s handpicked by Sunday Challenge winner Sam range of clever dishes that won them the right to cook off for a shot at immunity.

Greek downfall for Dalvinder

The teams had to set up stalls and sell dishes made exclusively from market-sourced ingredients, with the team that impressed the judges with their quality and total earnings declared the winners. After it was revealed that all the ingredients bacon, Vegemitecauliflower, beetroot, caviar and blue cheese would be paired with chocolate, contestants were given full run of the pantry to dalbinder a single dish that highlights the given flavour combination.

In the second round, the remaining contestants were given only 10 minutes to create a dish. That show has enough problems as is.

It’ll just take a moment. The contestants were to pick a cut of beef of their choice and create a dish in 2 hours. With five hours of preparation time and three hours to cook and serve, teams also had to run the Front of House and spruik to saeson customers. In the Invention Test, contestants got their pick from three classic “seductive” combinations to use as a core ingredient: Finals Week Elimination 3 – The top 4 were asked to cook their signature dish worthy of three hats in 90 minutes with an open pantry.

Beau won the right to study the dish for the next challenge.

The only exemptions to these clauses are reserved for those who have either worked in food service, or for very rudimentary food preparation such as sandwich making and fast food restaurants. In the end, Emma’s dense sponge couldn’t match Ben’s sophisticated flavours and she was eliminated.


Matt Moran acted as a mentor to the contestant team. Despite poor presentation on his main, Andy’s dishes were pronounced the best overall as Amina and Jules were eliminated. The Blue Team, buoyed by excellent presentation and a high quality of dishes including Julia’s Melting Momentstook the challenge by a landslide 60 votes to 12, leaving the Reds facing another Dalvindrr Challenge.

Views Read Edit View history. Offsite Challenge mastdrchef – In this yum cha challenge, contestants had to serve 5 different kinds of yum cha in Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Alice won the round, and the option to choose either savoury or sweet for the next stage, choosing savoury. For the second part of the challenge, the judges were joined by John Torodehost and judge of the original British MasterChef.

The top four consisted of Audra, Andrew, Debra and Mindy, with Audra pronounced the winner thanks to her elegant dish of pork belly over noodles. Alice was informed that, should she use her Immunity Pin, Beau would take her place in the following day’s Pressure Test. The chefs responsible for the two best dishes of the day would win the right to cook for guaranteed immunity.

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We will know soon. Retrieved 20 July Emma, Ben and Debra were declared the Top 3, despite each having elements of their dishes that found fault with the judges. The judges were overall impressed with the Mexican dishes provided by the Red Team and send the Blue Team into elimination. With technical mistakes in both, it came down to lack of direction in Ben’s dish as he mastercehf eliminated.

Main – Andy and Julia were given 90 minutes to cook their own interpretation of “Australia’s National Dish”. Ben was declared the winner, and went into a battle for seasom. This site uses cookies.