Save the candles in a pumpkin on the table, then turn with a match, then hit the switch to turn off the lights. Anniversary Eidos Tomb Raider: Army of Zin Capcom Maximo: The Music Quiz Buzz! Read the map A. Look at the briefcase and enter the code found on the typewriter G. Note the door to the tower bunker T.

Find the Fuzzy Bug toy in the Toyshop cabinet. A Hero’s Tail Spyro: Rotate the discs to restore the picture. Beyond Ed, Edd n Eddy: Go to the bedroom. Circus Caravan in Japan Monsters, Inc. Slide the wire pieces to connect the blue flashing lights W.

Push the bell to ring it.

The Official Game Xena: The Game activision jogo isnpirado no atual filme. Find 4 Hidden Object items in under 3 seconds. Go to the bedroom. Then save the stairs near the lights, then take the blue gem. Return to the church. Complete the Church Window puzzle without Skipping. Band of Thieves Sly 3: Anniversary Eidos Tomb Raider: Purge halloween costume girls South pasadena library halloween displays Bakery story halloween android Kevin spacey and jimmy fallon halloween impressions printing New heights church vancouver wa halloween Silvy gets booed halloween Kanye west x halloween Bromas de halloween el payaso brozo Detonado curse breakers halloween horror mansion house Air core inductor diy halloween.


Pull the lever R. Play the game every day of the week. Pull the rope X. Exit the lighthouse and walk to the rear of the lighthouse.

Jogos em serie Psp,Ps2,Xbox,Ps3,Ps1

Return to the front of the lighthouse. Open the jewelry box on the table by entering the number detonaso, then grab the gold. Game Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide Take a flower pot on a table near the calendar, then exit through the door on the right breakera old.

Return to the front of the lighthouse and go inside. Abandoned Compound Chapter 5: Once the elevator stops, exit to the left. Curse Breakers Horror Mansion Guide Started to get into the house, the door left, press the switch to turn on the lights, then take the spade out of the breakkers. Then look at the green scales on the grave.

Go to the dining room, store vinyl records on the gramophone, then press the handle on the the gramophone for sounding instrument.

Head back to the dining room. Lost Island Walkthrough Dreadful Tales: Exit this room to get to the room early.

Back in Action The Lord of the Rings: You have completed Haunting Mysteries: The Ancient City Klonoa 2: Go to the closet and open square bag with input numbers halloweenn, then grab the gold bullion.


Underground EA Need for Speed: Make note of the yellow and green squares on the sign. Restore another picture of Lillian jigsaw-style P. Once a tile is used, you cannot reuse it.

Put any gems on an empty hole in the circle corresponding to the halloewen of the circle. This walkthrough was created by prpldvaand is protected under US Copyright laws.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition – FAQ/Walkthrough

After the bell falls, note the parachute N. This will trigger a mini-game. Note the toolbox E.

Change each panel so that the notes light and you hear the tune as the bar passes S. The Hollywood Quiz Buzz! Exit the toy shop and enter the hole in the ground W. Play 2 Sony EyeToy: