Tamanna who is scared that her father will leave her, requests that her parents also get married. Sakshi is completely oblivious of Tarun’s idea that he wants to dump Sakshi after getting the expensive jewelleries. Ragini tells Anmol about Sakshi’s changed attitude. Ragini insists on sharing lunch with Anmol and Shivani. Sharma declares that they should tell Ragini the truth. She was Anmol’s girl-friend 7 years ago. Ragini falls down from the staircase on hearing the shocking news. Sadhna has numerous premonitions and nightmares about Ragini’s impeding death.

Sakshi is furious to see Tarun befriending Khushi and Tamanna. One day while walking, some boulders slide down, Ranvir pushes Anmol to safety but is unable to save himself. Sadhana again has a dream about Ragini meeting with an accident. Eventually Ragini and Ranvir fall in love through numerous phones conversations as Anmol and Anamika. Sharma’s family members are excited with Vineet’s promotion. Shlok takes Shivani to Malti’s house, but insists that she wait at her doorsteps. Ragini then miscarries by falling down the stairs.

Alekh seeks Vasu’s permission to marry Sakshi.

sapna babul ka bidaai-actorii

Kaushalya is happy when Vasu tells her about Tamanna’s demand for a baby brother from Ragini. Ragini calls Anmol and informs him about Tarun and Sakshi’s plan. Sadhana is shocked episoudl see Ragini wearing the same bangles as the ones she dreamt of.

Tarun reveals to Sakshi about Anmol’s pretention of being affectionate towards her. Meanwhile Alekh starts taking care of Sakshi feircirii a friend and Sakshi is changing for better. Alekh and Sadhana get stuck in the curfew. In the last scene, Prakashchand Sharma thanks the viewers for being with Bidaai always, since the episoddul 3 years, through thick and thin.


Ragini also starts to move on, now trying to make her relationship with Anmol work shown symbolically, as she closes the wardrobe door on Ranvir’s photo, and starts calling Anmol by his name, and not as ‘Tammy ke papa’.

Vasu is furious to spot Sakshi with Tarun and mistakes her. Her father moves to US to make some money. She is surprised to learn that Anmol and Ragini are not close to each other.

Ragini is happy when Sakshi insists on breaking up with Tarun and accepting her present life. Shlok takes Shivani to Malti’s house, but insists that she wait at her doorsteps. Anmol is lost in thoughts about Ragini.

Shivani is enraged on learning of Anmol’s interest in fulfilling Tamanna’s demand. Anmol is shocked when Ragini insists that he sign their divorce papers.

On the other hand, Alekh has once again become mad after the shock of Sadhna’s untimely death, and his daughter Khushi is his life. On the other hand, Alekh calls Shlok in London, and requests him to come to Agra to cure his mental health. Both the families are in grief while performing Sadhana’s final bidaai.

Sadhna is the sole witness to this and she must make a tough decision: In the last shot, we see all of Sharma and Rajvansh family members together, meeting one another, and waving to the audience for the last time. Anmol clarifies that he has decided to forget his past, when Ragini questions him.

Shlok tells Ragini that he loves Shivani and wishes to marry her. Bidaai named Culoarea fericirii in Romania premiered on 7 Novemberon National TV and it air’s every day from Ragini exchanges her bride wear with Shivani.


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Mesajul nu a fost trimis din motive de securitate. Tammy has no idea that Anmol is not her real father nor has she ever seen a picture of Ranvir. Everyone agrees with Tamanna. The story is continuing on these terms, with Ragini struggling to share equal love for both her daughters, and how she handles everyday life with much courage.

Bidazi seeing Tarun’s real face, Sakshi is heart-broken and fericorii guilty for mistreating Rajavansh family. Malti talks to Ragini about the dance competition. Anmol is stunned to see a person delivering a bouquet to cuuloarea.

Ragini almost caught Sakshi red-handed once or twice, but Sakshi by her tricks is somehow able to prove Ragini wrong in front of others. Tamanna epiwode Khushi overhear their conversation. Anmol confesses his love for Ragini. Everyone is happy when Ragini suddenly recovers miraculously. Alekh finds Shivani overhearing Anmol and Ragini’s conversation. Ragini is upset with Anmol’s decision to leave Rajvansh.

Eventually Ragini and Ranvir fall in love through numerous phones conversations as Anmol and Anamika. Tarun is furious to see Sakshi breaking up with him. Vineet insists on accompanying Alekh to handover the ransom money.