Colts and Vikings Season 8 – Episode Russ and Matthew give a spoiler review of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. In a must-read interview with The Cut , she talks about what she wants women of color to take away from her designs:. Bucking Bronco Season 8 – Episode A rare Hot Wheels car and an etching by Rembrandt are examined. An autographed collection of presidential memoirs arrives at the shop, as well as a ‘s Robby the Robot toy. A Marvel movie is the closest thing to truly untouchable, from at least a fiscal perspective, that Hollywood has seen in decades upon decades. The cuts to the center of what makes Peter Parker, and Spider-Man, such a particularly lovable and enduring character, and what might motivate another decent man in his world to break bad.

We dive into a little Dr. Boom or Bust Season 1 – Episode 1. Civil War bears only a partial resemblance to its much-vaunted, Mark Millar-penned event from Will Rick discuss the birds and the bees in front of the Old Man? Then we have our penultimate discussion surrounding Luke Cage. A Star Is Born 7. But when Captain America: And I was overly engrossed from a very locked door with a couple Milk Duds and buckets of popcorn.

Pawn Stars

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Podcast – Episode 07 – The Hub. Finally, a computer meltdown brings the shop’s business to a halt. More about him shortly. Will he make an offer or let it sink?

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Who you gonna call? Please fill out episose field with valid email address. See the Episode on Youtube: Bossy Pants Season 5 – Episode Will he have the skills to please a tough crowd?


Netflix, two seasons Frankly, even a brief visit to Wakanda is welcome, though one could wish it were under better circumstances. The Dark Worldas the team are required to clean up after the events of the film. I just started listening to this podcast, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Aim for a strike with the Pawn Stars when the guys check out a Shuffle Alley bowling machine.

Hell, enlist him in the Avengers. Is this thousand year old relic worth more than its weight in gold? He and fellow showrunner Stephanie Savage developed Gossip Popclrn together for The CW, making for a creative team uniquely suited to complicated adolescent intrigue. Brad and John return to talk some S.

It’s a little late be we delivered an extra sized episode again this week.

Behind the Wheel Season 9 – Episode Oh, and Ans is also a dude in the comics. It also crops up in Chinatown in the second season.

But external threats bring old secrets to light, challenging the stability of Wakanda and shaking the Black Panther to his core. License to Pawn Season 2 – Episode Refreshingly, the show itself began to ask those questions too, as season 2 saw Danny realize that he was undeserving of the Iron Fist, and convinced the far more competent and dynamic Colleen Wing to take the mantle — setting us up for a Daughters of the Dragon pairing that will, sadly, never come.


Hero For a Day: And one point his boss Rob Walker shows up to chew him out for the lazy non-review, only to be reduced to the same state almost immediately by the sheer nonsensical awesome that is the movie. It’s a series of dark, semi-abstract tableaux full of flapping fish, clanking machinery and tattooed fishermen doing wet, gory work. But Doctor Strange is the first Marvel film that is best viewed through those weird, disposable glasses.

It’s not all their fault. Can we talk about that cockatoo for a second? Items that come into the shop include some props from the movie “Child’s Play”; A football signed by the Chicago Bears; a Gibson Banjo; and Chumlee decides to make a movie. The Infiltration of S. Another Christmas Story Season 8 – Episode But when Corey sees a classic Plymouth Roadrunner, will he spend a king’s ransom to buy his dream car?

Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Time Stamps News News for Friday, August 14th, Filming of the pilot begins Tuesday, January 22nd! Kick the Can Season 5 – Episode Russ and Darrell discuss some brief news.

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