Going to Hollywood more prepared will improve chances of success. I’m getting wayy too overly worried about all the good characters on the show. From their rigorous schedules to the hyper management of their personal lives. He barks at her to stay out of it, accidentally knocking the picture to the ground. That fits the kdrama norm. They get ready to head to the hospital to visit Mom and bring Ajusshi back home, but then he walks through the door, bag in hand. To me the ring could be a sign of hope for the future, he could give it to her when everything is over.

They also usually have delicious side drinks that go well with soju! Dad thinks it foolish of him to think he can have it all—love, family, a normal life. Da Hae has taken a crazy amount of pictures of Yoon Sung. And YS-Ajussi couple, how cute they are: YJ sees Yoon Sung and Nana at the hospital. I think he sees City Hunter as his lead to finding out what happened in Nampo in ‘

Brother Beat Japanese Drama. I can let go the Noble idiocy of Yoon-sung because he has reasons to be concern and she could die, but that doesnt mean that I hate that he hasn’t said “I like you too”. This incident gets him in hunteer water with his boss, though, who has heard the account and reprimands Young-ju for hiding his tipoff by the City Hunter.

She could be such a potential aide of awesomeness if they just gave her the chance!

[Recap] City Hunter Episode 15

CThajarN July 13, at Could Jin pyo feel some jealousy towards Yoon sung for all the people he iimchidrama has in his life that care for him? Trixie July 22, at 2: Back to the semi-cliffhanger, YJ grabs on to Yoon Sung but he just falls back asleep.

The two spend a memorable moment together, with his mother singing him a lullaby. Maybe this is why his role is so significant in this revenge plan.


Diary of a stupid girl.

NaNa has to be separated from YS. I would actually like to see some more character development for Jin pyo. What I don’t get, is why Jin-pyo or Yoon-sung don’t go to episkde media, or the Prosecutor’s office with the facts of what happened 28 years ago. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Going to Hollywood more prepared will improve chances of success. Romance, comedy, fantasy, melodrama Episodes: He then offers her a bribe—money, college tuition for her son, and even a job in kimchidrzma company for him when he gets out of school.

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Oh he is such a sweet boy. Young-ju studies his City Hunter chart, which is alarmingly accurate. Dream High Korean Drama.

Nana picks icty some foil and turns it into a ring. YS may try to stop JP and may have to fight it out. For a very warm man and who love Kyung Hee he will want to know what happen to their child.

Nana sends Ajusshi back home and comes to see Yoon-sung back at the hospital. Posted by Jiyan Han at The only alarm he displays is upon hearing that Kyung-hee appears to have been sent abroad.

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They fight like a couple and I laughed when Nana practically stole the words from my mouth!!!! I love that Young ju catches on to things quickly too, but he has this bad habit of immediately letting whomever he’s trailing know he’s got some dirt on them! Yoon Sung tells Nana to get rid of it. epiosde

This show is so great! Cynthia July 14, at He asks Shik-joong to buy a picture frame off home shopping so he can frame a photo of his father to give to Mom. I saw a hobo looking like Shik-Joong. I was kind of lost in that part. They go out for a drink Dude! The bald guy tells Yoon Sung to give up on the vengeance plan. Episode 12 by LollyPip. This drama is definitely not for the faint of heart.


In the range of hats LMH wears, blue surgical shower cappy things score a very low 0 out of 5. It did have jae hee epiwode the man still fondly referred to as Kangah! That was how Muyeol saved them by marrying her and giving name to YS.

Telling me to break up, to let go of you, to forget you, to disappear from your life — I could understand that. Kaseifu no Mita Japanese Drama. She muses that it must be because of Yoon-sung. Posted by Jiyan Han at 1: The Show could take you to the edge of happiness and drove you to the depth of despair within a short time. And you and me. JP had brought the radio! I do feel sorry for President Choi, though.

Javabeans, i can’t thank you enough for this super-swift recap We also watched the first episode of Myeung Wol The Spy and he enjoyed it too. The president tells him a story about when he was younger, explaining that confessing is difficult, also that missing the timing for confessing is extremely important YJ goes back home and Sehee had prepared food for him at the apartment.

I like this spin because now Yoon-sung and Young-ju are in the same boat. He is collecting samples of the toxic chemicals. I also feel that Nana is the only character in the drama that is open and honest about herself.