This line stops at some main streets of Campinas and at the central bus station, from which you can get buses to other points of the city and to other local bus stations. The airports of Guarulhos and Congonhas are both about an hour and 40 minutes away by car or bus. This nice wooded park is a nice spot for birdspotting, a relaxed stroll, or a quiet read. Place to hear good live music and drink good Brazilian beer Bamberg and Colorado beers. Restaurant that started in the nearby city of Itu, which is famous for the extra size of everything, the restaurant follows the pattern of the city where it was created. You can also walk one of the many trails or take advantage of the sporting facilities, such as courts, fields and playgrounds.

It is simple but a decent place to stay. As the core of a metropolis of 2. As in any other large city in the world, pay attention to your surroundings and don’t act like a tourist. Get around [ edit ] Campinas is well served by urban bus services [36]. The campus is big and has lots of activities. This page was last edited on 5 December , at The only downside are the large numbers of feral cats, many of which are kept alive by the efforts of volunteers who come and feed them.

State University of Campinas is one of the best Universities in Brazil. While, like most of the state, Campinas has the fairly typical paulistano range of Italian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and standard Brazilian food, it doesn’t have anything much that might be called campineiro food.

For safety reasons, you are not supposed to be stopped at red lights late at night.


Inaugurated inafter more than 70 years of construction. Bus tickets can even be reserved and purchased by Internet for the main bus companies.

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It contains a number of attractions: This tour can be as nostalgic or agitated as you wish. You would need to check on the bus station which company serves to a certain destination in particular.

In the second half of the 19th century, with the abolition of slavery, farming and industrialization attracted many foreign immigrants to replace the lost manpower, mainly from Italy. It is routine to see people taking pictures with the dead trees as background since the artist who worked on them really did an amazing job.

Varied menu with sandwiches, burgers, and light dishes as well as steaks and chicken dinners. It has information for getting in as well as some complete entries for restaurants and hotels. The streets downtown are lined with shops and are perhaps the most convenient and best place to start your shopping.

Understand [ edit ] Campinas means “grass fields” in Portuguese and refers to its characteristic landscape, which originally comprised large stretches of dense subtropical forests mato grosso or “thick woods” in Portuguesemainly along the many rivers, interspersed with gently rolling hills covered by low-lying vegetation.

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Specializing in Middle Eastern dishes, unimrt the Brazilian equivalent thereof, with esfihacouscousbaba ghanoujtaboulifalafeland other dishes. It is a great spot for people watching.

You can see the disparities of the lifestyle of the farm owners and workers, as well as the local environment and ecology. Only saturday and sunday h. Check the performance schedules unimrt at the main gates of the park. Restaurant elected several times as “The Best of the City” for typical Brazilian food, and a visit there evokes the whole experience of countryside Brazil.


The shuttle bus operated by Caprioli Turismo is a cheap option and good if you have luggage. In their backyard, there is a mini-farm, and kids love to see the animals, walk around the lake and play on the playground.

An old street shopping destination.

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Get out [ edit ] Holambra This is a usable article. A very popular mall, not only for Campinas’s citizens but for the whole region- unijart buses arriving with visitors from neighboring cities is not uncommon.

Actually it is not possible to arrive in Campinas via steam locomotive. Landscaped by the renowned Brazilian landscape designer Burle Marx, it has the “Casa Grande” Big House museum, housed in what used the be the farm owners residence. A nice sightseeing from outside but no visits allowed inside. One of the cheapest hotel in Campinas. The food section is cinemq amazing trip through local and Brazilian cuisine: Retrieved from ” https: It is a very famous Amusement park.

Kids love this mall, where they can play in the themed resting places. The team’s colors are green and white, though at the moment, they will take any fans they can get so don’t worry about wearing the wrong color! It is simple but a decent place to stay.