All these years later, I never forgot the experience. Keep your eyes open for the different misunderstood goodies coming to you across all pages! Maybe we could even be 37 and break the TOP 40! Thank you as always for being true blue and spreading the word! We are looking for your suggestions and stories to share on our pages. This crowd-funding campaign was not started by Clyde Lewis and was not started with his permission. Go here to Go Fund our Famous Friend…. Lobo would like to think he just traded his scooter for wings!

Live streaming video by Tesla Wolf. Prepare yourselves, CInsomniacs and Sleepless Knights alike! Here is a classic KTEH episode on our ustream channel! This week, pop your popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready for MR. Be ready for Halloween anytime anywhere and invest in this collectable spooktacular! Put on your spacesuits, say goodbye to sleep, and enter Mr.

We will feature other forms of astronautical delights with clips, trailers, toys, and posters from space-themed features throughout the ages. Monsters From The Prehistoric Planet! Please support restorations of more episodes and the creation of new ones on our patreon!

It was sometime around the early s when I got that free magazine while attending a film festival in Alameda.

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Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Cinema Insomnia! Lobo you never cease to amaze! All these years later, I never forgot the experience. We will also have surprises throughout the week involving the episode and the feature film. Amazing, This is an excellent site and an excellent show. There is a crowd funding campaign that was started to allow us, his usstream and friends, to show our support for him and help him cover the insomnka of his past, present, and hopefully not for a long while future medical bills so that he may continue to share the gift of his voice with all of us.


Classic Cinema Insomnia episode – Cinema Insomnia

Fantastic News is on the horizon, Sleepless Knights! Lobo will sign and number them for you until these out of insomnka editions are sold out. We even met MR. Here is a classic KTEH episode on our ustream channel! Lobo until just now. We do it all for loyal CInsomniacs like you!

Another job of mine and that skit is up on You Tube! I reference him and the church many times.

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We had to move both our tables to make room for the scooter. I am sure fans would understand.

He told me, he started his career as an actor just so he could buy clothes that fit him and sleep in a be that was his size. Mike even allowed Mr.

It also contains found footage that will make tapeheads want to be kind and rewind again and again. We are still working hard behind the scenes. Prepare yourselves, CInsomniacs and Sleepless Knights alike!


Perfect for your Halloween! I was sad to hear that he was no longer on KTEH, but I always will have fun memories of his shows and I will always be a huge admirer of his comedic talent. Lobo with all my friends! The campaign was started by Steven Cockayne, a former guest Mar. There are so many ways to get involved, join us!

At least four baptisms ihsomnia buckets of film occurred that me morable night for lucky fans. Mr Lobo Halloween Horrorthon from thelastofthev8interceptors on Vimeo.

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You can post your favorite scenes in the comment section or private message and you may see your favorite scene shared on our pages and credit. This week, the theme is all about what we are thankful for in the misunderstood world from Horror to Sci-fi and…….

There may be scenes, ads, and jokes featured in this edition you may or may inssomnia not even known existed!