I know this was a rather long and probably not a ‘proper’ review, but I figured I’d share my countless hours of testing with you all. I contacted Cinema Craft, sent the company my test files, and outlined my fairly represent their product Cinema Craft Encoder MP as used by their The second file was assembled from various clips that I downloaded from. The resulting file was nearly identical to the quality of the original footage in both color and sharpness. PC2 has some quirks My current favorite is MainConcept 1. You know the golden rule in video processing: We’ve got Compressor but would certainly purchase a new program if it would allow us to keep the show and future shows in-house, but not if the hardware encode is going to give us a noticeably better result. Anybody that thinks MainConcept is bad probably has never used it or doesn’t know how to set it up and it’s pretty much idiot-proof, one of the easiest around.

So 60mins using a 3-pass Multi-pass VBR encode would be done in under 4hrs 4 total passes. One advantage for hardware base encode is the ability to do segment based re-encoding. As I said before: It’s very easy to use. In addition, it may also take a lot longer to run, as you point out. Return to posts index. I know this was a rather long and probably not a ‘proper’ review, but I figured I’d share my countless hours of testing with you all. If it’s Sonic’s SD series, I’m sure you’ll be happy with the image.

Contact Us VideoHelp Top. DH, Sorry to have upset you. We replaced our Digital Rapids hardware encoder with it over a year ago and have not looked back. Max cinemx Blu-ray producer New York Area4.


Prococder I am not as fond of as any of the above, though I have the Basic version also and probably have not put it through the paces enough though I bitvisf going to download the full demo also and see how it does How can you get non Windows supported codecs, ie DVCProHD, into either CC or ProCoder?

I doubt the poster is referring to trailers, it’s probably torrent garbage.

DVD’s inerlacing artifacts, and just poor results

It would encode noise. Just out of curiosity, what kind of comparible speeds are you getting with CCE vs. What this means is that any advances in encoding technique are not going to be available to any but the most recently designed hardware encoders – if then. I’ve never seen a clean MP4 download. I wasn’t upset; but we do see a lot of that type of question from people with totally unrealistic expectations. In our shop we process many hours of totally different content every week, and some of this content is also meant for commercial DVD output.

It was close but Cinema Craft had the best looking encodes. If you have downloaded avi files and you want simple with high quality, FAVC.

Which do I like better? In addition, it may also take a lot longer to run, as you point out.

Hardware vs Software Encoding:

I’m also too busy to make tests from biitvise assuming I can find a channel that is not too noisy — unlikely. It usually comes bundled into a high end standalone authouring solution, beyond my budget Therefore, if there’s a colourspace conversion, resize, color correction etc As the software encoding solutions we used became much too slow and not adequate for the amount of output we needed, we had a choice: I am in no way associated with Cinema Craft and I’ve tried every encoder out there.


View answer in context. Ask a question Reset. And HCenc is free? In response to David S.

Discover the magic of the Cinma. If you are going to import PCM audio into dvdsp then go with aiff unless you are using an old version of dvdsp. We used it for the screener of a very critical project from RED recently, with lots of close-ups, fast movement, very shallow DOF and botvise lots of blurred areas. Sounds sensible to me. I didn’t see anyone here mention Episode Pro as an option.

September 19th, DVD’s inerlacing artifacts, and just poor results May 06, Prices range froma few hundred to 10s of Thousands. The quality you can get out of it is outstanding, but you have to know how to use it.

Cinema craft encoder screenshot. It’s a “good enough” encoder great for quick one off for clients screeners and thats about it. A CBR encode in compressor at Mbps works well with my material. But once you get through this take an average of 6 months of studyingand if you supply the encoder with high quality source footage, you will be able to create MPEG2 encodes in Compressor that match the quality of professional commercial DVDs.

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