Dreamy is now caught between her dream and reality…. Azman Salam Decided… gonna watch Skyfall…. Possessing extraordinary fighting abilities, she uses them to battle deadly forces as she uncovers the truth. Sign-up for the Popcorn newsletter and win movie tickets monthly! Without any regards, she took a picture to commemorate her winning. The seats look brand new, instead of worn out like most cinemas.

But then she gets the call: On a movie set, Dreamy runs into Marco, an actor who had once enlightened her. Shum cannot bear to ridicule by Chu, she decided bring her family out of the misery. Surrounded in luxury, it was easier for me to enjoy and appreciate the state-of-the-art audio and visual technology which brought the characters on screen alive, making it a spellbinding cinematic experience. The father Siew-Fatt has became depressed after his wife died a year ago. As long as you have your ticket, there is no limit to how long you can spend at the lounge.

Since its opening, the theatre has seen many movie goers, expats especially, who have no qualms on dishing out the extra cash RM40 to watch movies in comfort. It is a class type that boasts premium facilities and services above and beyond what moviegoers can enjoy in commercial halls.

But alas, I was shivering to the bone with only a flimsy cardigan to protect me. The cinema has 18 screens, including a pair of Platinum Movie Suites, and 2, seats for moviegoers.

I happily sank into my seat, all ready to enjoy my movie. Dreamy is now caught between her dream and reality….

In March comes the much-anticipated continuation of one of the most beloved animated film franchises in history.


A First Class Movie Experience at Platinum Movie Suites – ExpatGo

An Unforgettable Winter Sojourn to Budapest. For example, people like flying first class to enjoy the comforts, so this is the first class way of watching a movie!

The movie I was treated too, Brave, was about to start, so I bid farewell to my tines host, and settled comfortably in my seat.

Expats and local movie goers who love catching the latest movies in cinemas should definitely opt to watch movies at the Platinum Movie Suite. Her father cineeleisure her tremendous pressure and her family tries to convince her to quit. Now Showing Coming Soon. Photos of Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, Julie Andrews and more were strategically placed on the wall, in a magnificent gold frame.

A First Class Movie Experience at Platinum Movie Suites

My eyes were especially drawn to the plush sofas the kind you find at a 5-star hotel lobby that can easily put you to sleep spread out all over the lounge, enough to accommodate a large group of people curvw. Acquired by Singapore entertainment group mm2 Asia in and rebranded the following year, mmCineplexes promises a quality movie viewing experience for its moviegoers. Each hall is equipped with two reserved spaces for wheelchairs.

Both prices include full usage of lounge facilities before the start of the movie. For once I entered the cinema hall, I was in heaven!

MM Cineplex

The seats by the way, are nothing like those average cinema seats. When the picture of a ghost becomes viral, death will soon follow During the trip from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highland, Siew’s family had met these three people, whom introduced them to whole new experiences and romance they have never had before. And true enough, I spotted the odd group here and there indulging in a massage, catching up on the latest entertainment news from the magazines, surfing the net at the PC station, and even a couple of kids challenging each other to an exciting game on the X Box.


From plush seats, best popcorn, to an amazing array of international and local films, mmCineplexes strives to provide the best value among its competitors. MM Shaw Centrepoint cinema has 4 screens and seats for moviegoers.

But then she gets the call: Possessing extraordinary fighting abilities, she uses them to timss deadly forces as she uncovers the truth. The seats look brand new, instead of worn out like most cinemas. Was Cathay hoping to attract a more exclusive clientele?

People can actually ring for the butler for more snacks and drinks instead of walking out timees The movie hall had an abundance of space no such thing as an overcrowded cinema hall here! Catching the latest blockbuster or romantic comedy is a favourite pastime for many expats and locals in Malaysia.

He torments Dreamy relentlessly. The amazing lounge area was just the start of a new found, movie-watching experience for me.

The second daughter Siew-Shum is a popular tour guide, but because of the nature of her work, she failed to maintain stable relationship with anyone.