Pori has 28 seats available, other towns are completely sold out or there are one or two seats available , and the whole website crashed twice during the sales I hope this has helped, and I hope you eventually are able to get tickets to your preferred location too: Want to add to the discussion? Cineplex theatres added more locations in Canada. Public transport stop positions. Not sure about that Maybe that’s why it’s not sold out yet Hope you can get it working! But still lot of us would miss it..

Instituto Lomas de Zamora ; about m. Wow now I don’t know what to do lol I guess this’ll be my first time going to the cinema alone! Submit a new link. My worked through PayPal! Please leave a comment with further information, updates and sources , so that we attempt of having definitely have a complete list of all the screenings. Has anyone tried calling in to buy tickets instead? Log in or sign up in seconds.

On the millenium city website it says that hots starts on the 22 october but i could already buy tickets hoytw, no idea why haha. Show dates are from the Nov. Girasoles ; about m Almirante Brown. Brazil has just confirmed screenings in 11 cities.


Gracias por la info!! I sent them the link. It’s easy to miss. A partir de ahora vas a poder usar tus vouchers y Promos de cupones desde nuestra App.


Vieja Esquina ; about m. Puesto de Diarios ; about m. Visit billboard, look trailers and schedules of your favorite films, learn about upcoming releases, and how to get your favorite cinemas complex. Colegio Eccleston ; about m Almirante Brown.

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I have info for Chile. Me gusta la historia aunque por momentos es muy predecible igualmente me gusto. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Por otro lado, si bien es bastante realista y no una historia de amor como la promocionan, la histeria que destila la protagonista desde la 1er. Finisterre ; about m.

Cinemark is screening in the following locations: It says the film will be shown from 15th November for 3 weeks, you can reserve tickets in advance from 26th October.

Cihe ticket in Finland are sold out e: I wanted to ask if anyone tempelrey whether or not Burn The Stage will be showing at theaters beyond this weekend?


Universidad Abierta Interamericana ; about m. Submit a new text post. Do we want to try to arrange an Opry Mills meet up and then all go together? See the latest in the film and television industry. Lubricantes Emperley ; about m Almirante Brown.

Holy Trinity ; about m. Tickets are out for reservation already despite earlier announcement, just bought one haha!

Pero la peli estuvo bien durante todo el tiempo. Screening was sold out in my theatre. Log in or sign up in seconds. After the 22nd, they won’t be adding more theatres, but they can always add more screenings.

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Thank you for the info! Tickets are already for sale despite announcement. Muy buena pelicula, con un final que te deja pensando.