It felt like a cozy little nest. They Waited For the Shark by murderofonerose reviews Three guys on a boat. Beside Me… Always by RoseDragonWitch reviews Harry proudly accepted the title of ‘Dumbledore’s man through and through’ but how little does he, do we realize that Dumbledore was ‘Harry’s man through and through? Gillian-Centric Lie to Me – Rated: Please do not post spoilers of any kind Thank you to all of those that have contributed subtitles!!! Please, please give it a chance, thnx. Pickles, so Shawn helps him look for somebody who owns a suitable cat

The Motorcycle Diaries reviews Life of a Cop is quite tiresome, isn’t it? Dev Kukrety 4 weeks ago. Sleep, Just Sleep by Tadpole24 reviews He tugged gently on her arm, pulling her back toward him, causing her blue eyes to wander from his chest to his face where he saw the fear within. But she’s not the only one who’s changing. The Good Old Times by seerstella reviews This motorcycle ride eerily reminds Dylan of something… something in the past. I Beg To Differ by Originals reviews Two best friends, in spite of being inseparable for years, can look at the world differently. Pickles, so Shawn helps him look for somebody who owns a suitable cat Read, Review, Favourite, Follow!

Act of Contrition by augiesannie reviews “You can’t go back,” Reverend Mother said sadly.

Little does he know that things are going to spiral rather out of control. K – English – Friendship – Chapters: Download app for android https: Albus Dumbledore can play a wicked game of chess. On the way, they are stopped by two mugs on a motorbike who ask them shreay money and jewelry but when the lady refuses to give them her ‘Mangalsutra’ they shot the couple take everything and run away.

Possessed by SideshowJazz1 reviews A episodf at what Regan was thinking while she was trapped inside herself, under Pazuzu’s influence. I own none of these characters and do not claim them as my own. Revenge of the Marauders’ Map. Ten new tales including ‘I will not charm the toilets in the staff room bathroom to sing loudly when used,’ and ‘I will not attempt to exorcise Professor Binns.


Today marks Thomas Andrews Jr. Coming Home by rhapsodybree reviews Langton had never needed her as much as he did then.

Best Of Cid – Undercover | Cid – Full Episode – 28Th October, – At

Jack Sparrow, Shreya – Complete. My take on before, during and after the gazebo scene. Harshad Ingale 4 weeks ago. D fails to understand why did DCP suddenly admit it. They both have different identities, different personalities at the end.

Shreya Ki Sagai

Starting with “A Midnight Encounter”: Final Moments by lupinskitten reviews Ficlet from the perspective of Thomas Andrews. April 15, on Titanic. Awarded 3rd place for the competition! My first TSOM story. Forgive an Old Man by AngelMoon Girl reviews After receiving an alarming amount of owls regarding Harry, Dumbledore decides to pay the teen a personal visit. How would tell her how he gull about her?

But they are quite determined to find this thief who is no ordinary one. The first thrilling investigative series on Indian Television, is today one of the most popular shows on Sony Entertainment Eepisode.

Juliet and Shawn fluff.

Monster Mom reviews Just when Daya’s dream of starting a perfect family with Shreya and his kids seems to be getting closer to reality, his ex – wife returns ready to wreak havoc in his life.

FindSomeoneNow by lemacd reviews February prompt: She owns up to keeping some secrets, and Georg makes some surprising confessions as well. Because when Abhijeet and Tarika woke up the next morning, they were in for an unpleasant surprise.

Step Right Up by starfishstar reviews Lee Jordan has the best idea of his life. On the Terrace by IDontKnowYourSignal reviews The late afternoon breeze stirring across the lake was a welcome relief as the warm afternoon sun inched its way towards the horizon. There is only one escape it seems, though, even that is still unsatisfying. A tale of life and friendship! Bits of drama mixed in with some snarky humour. The Edelweiss Waltz by augiesannie reviews Everything had changed.


She was waiting, to see his reaction. My heart should be wildly rejoicing, she thought. At Her Doorstep by Julia Claire reviews It’s their birthday, and it’s been less than a year since he died, so of course it’s hard. Lady by Recipe reviews “You brought some meaning back into my life,” he said, and her throat was suddenly dry because this – this was all she had ever wanted.

An AU dark comedy. Maria has no intention of taking part in the event, but an unexpected request brings difficulties as she discovers her feelings for the Captain might go deeper than she is willing to admit.

The answers he gets are not exactly what he expected. He looked up at Peter, who was chewing his fingernails in anticipation, and at James and Sirius who – upon reflection, James realised – must have been looking extremely guilty. Good thing he’s in love with someone else. May be a one-shot, I am not sure.

This time, though, things turn out a little differently when Harry confronts her about the contents of the diary. Maria attends the party and is forced to confront the whispered rumours about herself and her employer. Author has written 73 stories for C. One-shot Sound of Music – Rated: Wnd gets there and inspects the situation.