Pierre asks Chocolat out on a date to the aquarium. Kaori Shimizu as Coco eps 16, After discovering most people find cats cute , Chocolat decides to turn herself into a cat in order to gain hearts. The group froze the forest and all the mermory of it. As the effects are too powerful, the delivery man, Chocolat, Vanilla, Houx, Saule, and Nanny attempt to help but the defective crown has a mind of its own. They take an instant disliking to Pierre and challenge him to a tennis match. Daisuke Nakamura as Runx ep

Nayeli Forest as Yurika. A young witch called Waffle appears, claiming to have fallen in love with Houx after encountering him in the Magical World once. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This more survivalist take on the cooking genre is sure to get your mouth watering, even if the story moves at a less-than-optimal pace. Afterward, Sakiko finds out she’s no longer moving and apologises for costing the team the relay, but Chocolat simply reminds her that means they can come in 1st next year. Hikaru Tokita as Ian ep Duke 26 episodes,

Together with her friend-cum-rival, Vanilla Mieux, they are potential candidates to become Queen of the magic world.

Sugar Sugar Rune (TV)

Paolo De Episore as Duke Poivre. Studio Wanpack 2nd Key Animation Cooperation: Chocolat finally captures his heart, just as it changes from Orange to Rose. She wants to become an adult so she enters in the platina princess competition.

When Waffle realizes Pierre is an Ogre, she gives Chocolat a spell to nullify the effects of the potion. Halloween Test of Courage!?

Sugar Sugar Rune

The test is to obtain a unicorn’s horn. Hiroki Konishi as Pierre. Duke 26 episodes, Pierre tells Vanilla he can help her become the Magical World’s Queen, but only if she also agrees to be his Ogre Queen as well. Petite Princess Yucie — Maddalena Vadacca as Regina Candy Mieux. From Wikipedia, chlcola free encyclopedia. The final part of the Remake of the Evangelion franchise. Sugar Sugar Rune — 7. Chocolat has got herself a heart-shaped hair clip, spiked with a little magic to bring out hearts in the tsreaming, who soon become as tired as zombies because they keep getting drained by the power of the hair clip.


Takahiro Hirano as Ogre eps Florence Dumortier as Blanca Candy Mieux. But she’s streamiing nervous about pretending to love Romeo, when she really does love the boy playing him! Naoya Iwahashi as Soul.

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Sugar Sugar Rune is a Japanese anime television series based on Moyoco Anno ‘s award-winning manga series of the same name. Unlike in similar works Chocolate and Vanilla are two best friends since they were born, they live in a vanila place not on earth.

Graziella Porta as Balia di Waffle. As the exam cannot continue, Queen Candy plans to postpone it, but Chocolat insists they end it using the current results, knowing this means Vanilla will win. Archived from the original on December 14, Login or Register forgot it?

Christian Alvear as Houx and Hiroshi. Chocolate encounters a icy boy named Pierre from the middle school division, and takes an instant dislike to him.

Pierre uses this to his advantage, convincing her that everyone wants Chocolat as queen and the entire Queen Candidacy was a rouge in order to look fair. Chocolat and Vanilla want to know more about Ogres, but Robin refuses to tell them. Elisabetta Cavalli Francesca Daprati. Languages Italiano Edit links. He tries to communicate with her through his video camera. Both girls earn a Rose heart from the boy.

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They all decided to go home and Waffle decided to stay in the magical world and go back to her house and study vanulla become like Chocolat someday. Jolanta Jackowska-Czop as Chocola Meilleure.


At the festival, Chocolat thought the girls loved something scary, like the magical world. Shinji Iriyama Online Editor: Koi no Fenshingu ” Japanese: On opening day the girl playing Juliet comes down with a fever, and Manabe is the only one who knows the lines well enough to replace her. Francesca Bielli as Vanilla Mieux. Waffle ganilla made breakfast for Houx but he turns her down as her breakfast doesn’t seem to be edible.

Views Read Edit View history. Annoyed, Chocolat uses magic to turn it chocolq tiny chocolate stars for everyone to share.

Application for Lovely Witch” Transcription: Queen Candy explains that the Magical World was forged by seven mages. Meanwhile, the girls realize Pierre is the “prince” of the school, and his fanclub don’t take kindly to Chocolat rebuffing him. Vanilla tells Chocolat to change her theme from a scary, haunted festival to a cute, adorable theme. And the boy begins to glow Grace Cornel as Amber Hero dub voice of magic book Hero dub.

Nishitani, a boy who runs the school newspaper, develops a crush on Chocolat, giving him an Orange heart. Loredana Nicosia as Balia di Vanilla. Approaching to episoee mountain where the unicorn lives, both of the girls met a boy with light hair, who takes care of the mountain. While at the aquarium, Pierre and Chocolat encounter the fanclub, whose hearts turn Noir from jealousy.

Alessandra Karpoff as Sachiko Mochizuki.