After all, her father never praised her for all her awards and certificates, but he quietly collected these treasures. It’s set for 50 ep, I feel so sorry for Eugen. And then everyone reinforced that he needed that lie. Think about male actors, for example – some of the best ones are not pretty at all. He leans in again, and they kiss passionately in the lobby of her new office building. But this episode was unsatisfactory in a weird way, even troubling. It had to be that way!!! At the beginning I was a bit bored with this story line, and Se Kyung persistently dangling to In Chan was really annoying, but then there the comedies saved the day and I continued watching I still tend to laugh if I recall Seung Joo’s ‘kamsha eruption’ with his country dialect XD.

I mentioned the French thing here, because, as it is written on the comments section of the recap, this is the place where we can “rant” or “rave,” about anything Kdramas related. And then when she finally gets back to the park, she stands there basically waiting for him to notice her. One day she just packed up and left, but after the divorce she picked him up after school. Not my cup of tea. I kind of miss that. I hope that they can hash these out like adults.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 14 Recap

I feel like he’d rather be a painter than a luxury goods company CEO. Though SJ’s probably a little crazier. This was quite alicf heady episode, as I felt I went into a tailspin from melodrama to romantic comedy and back to melodrama in a quick eight episodes.

He had no way of knowing what she was going to tell him. She could be a much more formidable antagonist if only she could act it.


Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 8 Recap

Se-jin practically gets goosebumps over how much Seung-jo worships the ground her sister walks on. I’m getting vibes from this, right now, like I got from Coffee House which I didn’t finish watching after reading the epi.

I’m really digging this drama – I did not know what to expect and those initial protesting comments I mentioned earlier made me somewhat wary. Se-kyung drops off some clothing and asks if Yoon-joo is feeling better.

He’s already old and he needs an heir. Who is living in reality? I apologize for any typos and I hope they do not undermine the meaning or create unintentional comic effect! Seung Jo agrees on the honesty part.

I wonder and perhaps cringe, on how Seung-jo will take the reveal on Se-Kyung? He leaves and Yoon Joo cries cheongdandong there. He flew to Paris to negotiate the rights to the song. Now instead of wearing all black, she at least has a white blazer on. He’s not a man yet. Though I do agree it’s not in a fantasy way. Well I’m a “life’s too short and there are hundreds of dramas out there so cut your losses” kinda viewer and went into this with low expectations.

Shame on SK for being so easily alicee by the ex that did him wrong. Suffer, evil scumbag, suffer! I definitely don’t think he’ll handle it well coming from a source other than Se Kyung herself. I’ve commented all over the place but want to throw in, thanks for the recap, kaedejun!


Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 11 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

However, when you alicd “top” actors, when you start with an ambitious-looking agenda that intends to drown the evils of social pretense and vanity with a storm and end up not being able to even convince me why the characters did what they did – and btw Han se’s “big sin” – the situation wasn’t even realistic enough – what was that about?

TS January 14, at 7: Sorry but SK is not brokenhearted anymore, she already found love again however now financial security is more important for her than love. Ugly love needs to be built on honesty, too. Neither has to accept cheongfamdong “new” other, or the whole package for one moment or forever. My granny joined an older childhood friend and schoolmate. She has become a Black Swan and calling the shots for once.

Oh Jang Hyuk, if Iris 2 disappoints me like the vast majority of kdrama right now School excluded Mark January 29, at 7: I think I ranted about the wrong episode. But now if his father is the mysterious benefactor, it would mean Seung Epiosde became successful because his father helped him. Seung-jo is my favorite character I was so glad the wpisode was back and I don’t want him to be hurt.