The last scene where the lovers are high atop their own private tower removed from the rest of the world also felt terribly unreal to me. And really, you could hear it was natives speaking. How will it be played, who will be the reveal villian, In-Haw or who? I’m wondering how these two dramas are connected. But, anyway Yoon Joo’s story is way too deep and complicated to be just on the side. Did they fizzle out in influence with the Japanese colonialist era? This way we can experience it vicariously when the romance succeeds because we like happy endings like Cinderella.

I thought one week was long to wait for a new episode but two? I bet IF it comes down to taking his assistance, or making it on her own, our Alice will be strong and keep her independence. A few families still wear han bok and live in traditional korean style houses. Well, that was disappointing. It’s here if you wanted to take a look: In episode 8, 18th minute, when the three of them are shaking their fingers saying that the truth is most important, I DIED laughing, I know this show has a very serious side, but man it makes me laugh so much.

In Hwa’s jealous rage is something to behold, though! Imagine my surprise then, when Mr. Granny Kim joined her uncle in the south and friend stayed with her family in the north. When its surgically corrected when youngthe problem can be totally rectified.

Super Pam, I am dying here waiting to see it: I feel the same about Park Shi Hoo except that it’s about his hapiness. At least my ears weren’t bleeding.

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And Il-nam has been aching to reconnect with his son. Kim Seung Soo Supporting Cast. I LOVE this series to pieces. Will there be a sequel since there was one called Through the Looking Glass? I would be absolutely fine with, let’s say our Eepisode – smart guy and as a doctor probably wasn’t dirt poor either: Please click the link in that email to complete eipsode email change process. I am glad that Yoon-joo also became a woman who could stand on her own two feet.


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But all in all, thoroughly enjoyed this drama, though it did have some writing problems in the middle somewhere, but the rest of it including the soundtracks,love ’em!

Meta [Happily never after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie. Unless cast in stone ahead of time, or written with nervous rigidity, dramas will naturally gravitate towards the more interesting and well-played character. Sometimes even those of the highest rank were from a poor family. Queen In Hyun’s Man.

Seung-jo does get up for some cheese and crackers and wine, and then passes out on the couch. I guess my expectations for the characters are a lot lower. InSu, your Granny rocks.

Like you, I am a nerd and I have become interested literally in anything that is Korea either North or South related. In-hwa smoothly grabs the faxed resume and folds it, asking why Yoon-joo is here. Of course, I understand the tragic situation from the beginning when a person dies due to lack of money for treatment, but still I never though it was necessary for Se Hyung to go to the extrme of becoming part of the world of the richest.

I am getting so frustrated with SK.

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Yoon-joo happily notes that Se-kyung must have rubbed off on her, and inspired her to give up everything she had to keep her pride. Hospital scene was so so so funny! My understanding is that Kdramas’ people make a great effort to produce quality dramas as best they can with what they have budget, the size of the crew, etc Episode 6 by Helcat. I think this episode was at least better than the previous one, which was super draggy.


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Their exchange of gazes… that was sooo cool… I got butterflies in my stomach!! It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s money. InSu January 16, at All in all, the writer should have reduced the “French” parts as much as possible and let the viewers hear them in the background instead of having the actors stutter and the viewers suffer.

Going even farther back to years ago is the “Gojoseon” era in the Korean peninsula. PSH did lead the kiss and you can see that he tried to give her a good kiss but MGY’s body was so stiff and she did not kiss him back at all, that’s why the kiss looked so awkward.


BUT then they pulled the old, “it was a dream no it wasn’t a dream” move and had the getting back together stuff and I realized that my fundamental problem with this drama was that MGY was completely miscast. I chheongdamdong found the ending satisfying. And 6 too, now that I am thinking.