I love the cast – and Park Shi-hoo ;. In a bid to reacquire her childhood home, a free-spirited, unemployed, young woman agrees to a sham-marriage with a selfish neat-freak actor. You Are Beautiful Nothing will change about their relationship. Well, like the lead female character, she is always very good at everything, but because of her poor then cannot find a right position at work, so she came to think everyone can changed their life if they become a rich person? I have to agree that the ‘fashion’ in this drama is NOT fashionable at all..

Your email address will not be published. Actually, I am not the least bit surprised by Se Kyung’s appearance. Orion December 4, at 5: I was frustrated about this episode. Lilly December 3, at 9: The situation becomes complicated when her male boss begins to develop feelings for this “boy.

Something was a little bit off, but I seriously tried and was almost convinced when she dropped that bomb. The mad hatter guided her and protected her in his crazy way. I’m giving this a chance because of MGY but it was soooo bad. This bag is worth more than either of their salaries, so she asks In-chan how he got to buy it.

Cheongdam-dong Alice

Well, it’s like Seung Jo pointed out, she knew the necklace cost x amount of money, but she didn’t think about the craftsmanship that went into it, or the “why. That, by the time they do get rich, they feel the world owes them and they don’t owe anything back. Which, Cheontdamdong guess, is what happens when one feels the world is unfair and cruel Jell, a really popular boy band.

Se-kyung wants a really good reason why cgeongdamdong wants to break up now. Actually, I am not the least bit surprised by Se Kyung’s appearance. I find him so hilarious and a jerk at the same time. I’ll love reading your comments and thoughts. Ah-jung works for Artemis as well, and tells everyone that the bride really married up, getting all her wedding jewelry from Artemis, and having her father-in-law open up a store for her. As a matter of fact, the two people I consider the most creative and off the wall in my life, both dress very simply an casually.


It’s always good to keep things in perspective and to understand your reality so as not to overstate your situation, but someone else’s greater suffering doesn’t make your own suffering any less real or legitimate. She’s going through the “all-for-naught” sorrows Don’t say stupid thing ” receiving awards don’t belong to acting skill. Pretty much feeling like crap and resigned to the fact that she’s just never going to succeed, Alice makes cheongdamdng fateful decision to have her friend teach her how to essentially con a rich man into marriage.

I have to disagree The two of them extend hands to shake, but neither touches the other. I spent a couple episoce weeks in South Korea this summer and had a blast. Or what would the point of having such a story about materialism and loyalty and love be? We also are seeing this confusion in the writing with her boss: And those people who are in the fashion industry, honestly, how many of them actually buy their own clothes?

No, she whines that she has to stay in this errand girl job because she might not be able to find another job.

Yoon So Jung Supporting Cast. Full Cast and Crew. Click here to learn more. How can I root for her now? Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun! After watching both ep 1 and 2 I feel that they should move on with the poor girl and rich CEO sotryline.

Jeon No Min Supporting Suh. The heroine, the acting, the directing, the script, the camera work I’m hoping she stays with her oppa, though, in the end. Btw, did you watch the other episodes? Namgoong Min Main Cast. The King 2 Hearts Another person in Korea thinks differently though: Another reason, Moon Geun Young’s acting is a,ice good. They’re mostly given to them because their standing in the fashion industry gives them influence over trends, etc.

You can still look chic without owning couture. I don’t think anyone interested in fashion would be like SeKyung.


I love alie, but then I am an average type person and not an elitist. Moon Geun-young stars in the titular Alice role I won’t be sticking with this one. I do think that the reason people are so uptight regarding Se Kyung’s fashion sense her boyfriend and the team manager is because since she wants to be a designer she has to look the part, since she wants to sell clothes.

From what I read in the comment above, it doesn’t have to be any fundamental thing, but something you see in everyday life and what bothers you, so you sontanoeusly say your mind He tells her to wake up to reality.

Even if people complain about the price, he is positive people will buy.

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The title is an allusion to the famous novel Cheonfdamdong Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, where the main character feels like a fish out of water in the strange new world she finds when she falls down a rabbit hole.

ShinRaeMi07 December 3, at 3: You’d think she’d at least be thankful enough to not moan throughout the entire episode.

Now, I don’t think this show is supposed to be a melodrama, so I’m curious as to how things will develop from now on, starting from this realistic, but depressing premise.

I can just easily imagine how americal tourist being here for two weeks tries to critisize something about culture and society in my country. But if this is a journey of self-actualization where she chooses to fight the shallowness and classism of the fashion industry and the larger society, than maybe I might stick around.