I feel that you should see this movie once. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Click here to know more. The story clearly points out the tortures faced by women are faced in the society because of her gender. Her envious sister-in-law watched her do the transformation on one night. If anyone can tell me where can i get the movie, please drop me a mail rahulcse03 gmail. Search for ” Cheluvi ” on Amazon.

Your review helped me recollect the entire movie and be sure that this is the movie I was searching for: Thanks a lot for informing about the name. In shock, the Queen recognized her brother and brought him to the palace where he was bathed and fed. This is one of my best movies.. Next morning at dawn, he went to their house and hid himself behind a tree and eventually saw the secret origin of flowers. Her husband’s elder sister was married to the King of this town. Add the first question.

There is also the suggestion that a tree is vulnerable to careless handling like a woman. This movie has a lot of hidden messages – A strong message against deforestation, About a essence of a woman, her nature of givingCheluvi would earn a living with her sister by selling these flowers yet she lived for her sister.

Don’t know what I would’ve done without google By: Reply as a Brand. It expresses a young woman’s desire to flower sexually, and otherwise, as floaering as the dread of being ravaged that the very gift brings with it. Her husband’s elder sister was married to the King of tye town.

A young woman, Cheluvi Kulkarniliving in abject poverty with her mother and sister, can turn herself into a tree yielding an endless supply of cjeluvi as long as they are picked very carefully.

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Later at her house, the younger daughter had to demonstrate how she transformed into a tree to pacify her angry mother. His sister was worried and tried all sorts of ways to make him speak. This has been regularly done by many feminist writers. Write a Review on Cheluvi. Like most folktales from around the world, A Flowering Tree synthesizes two discrete elements: The movie left a lasting impression on my young mind, I was barely nine years old, however the scene where children b She was brought to the palace, bathes, healed and kept at the main door as a “thing” for decoration.


Cheluvi (Beautiful Girl) – CHELUVI Audience Review –

After a long time, the prince haggard and unrecognizable reached her elder sister’s town. It is her special gift, which she doesn’t wish to squander or even display. She crawled into a gutter. After the wedding, tres nights passed without him speaking to her or touching her.

The collected essays of A. In this folk tale, she is helped by her mother perhapssister, elder sister-in-law but ravaged by her younger sister-in-law.

She is safe with her own sister, maybe with her mother, but not quite with a mvie wedded husband who cares more for a display of her talent than for her safety, and most certainly not with her teenage sister-in-law or her mother-in-law. The objectification of women is another strong issue hidden in this tale.

Cheluvi () – IMDb

Retrieved 3 March This is one of my best movies. The minister summoned the girls’ mother and presented the proposal. After discovering the bitter truth, the king had seven barrels of burning lime cehluvi into a xheluvi pit and threw his youngest daughter into it.

Remembering the good old DD days Soon, her secret is spotted by Kumar, the son of the village head. In shock, the Queen recognized her brother and brought him to the palace where he was bathed and fed. She can be made whole only by becoming the tree again, becoming vulnerable again, and trusting her husband to graft and heal her broken branches.

Movi Cast and Crew. Share this Rating Title: In the end, Kumar disconsolately leaves carting off the Cheluvi-stump.

A Flowering Tree: A Woman’s Tale

Art direction is provided by Jayoo and Nachiket Patwardhan. Yakkundi forces Cheluvi to disclose her secret. There lived a poor woman in a certain town with her two daughters. They carefully performed the ritual which required two pitchers of water – one floweding transform the younger to a tree and the other back to human form.

Dear Royat, HOw are u,, I really dont have words for your tribute Symbolically speaking, the tree isolates and gives form to her capacity to put forth flowers and fragrance from within, a gift in which she could glory, as well as to the vulnerability that cheouvi with it.

Cheluvi says that she will be able to regain her human form if he is able to find her missing branches. Ashamed, she resists, but finally relents and performs the ceremony for him.


Menstruation itself is a form and a metaphor for a woman’s special creativity.

The warning for not plucking more than what is required is in coherence with the practice of sustainable development. He immediately recognized his lost flowerin.

Retrieved from ” https: Your review about the movie is correct – ,”It also creates a fragrance in your mind about the flower even though you havent smelled it” I watched this movie in DD when I was a kid and when I suddenly recollected, I had to struggle to remember t Since im not reviewing on the Channel let me continue with the movie.

Thanks a lot for informing about the name. In this story, she transformed herself into a tree five times out of which only two times by her free-will – the first and the last time.

With the magic, she turns into a tree which produces exotic flowers. There is hardly any other movie has has been imprinted in my mind since childhood,Thats Cheluvi cueluvi Hindi and Flowering Tree in English. Last modified 5 years ago Last modified on Dec 26, She is safe flowrring with a married sister-in-law who is probably not threatened or envious and, lastly, with a husband who, through an experience of loss, has matured enough to care for her as a person.

This movie also has a spiritual touch of some sort,It also creates a fragrance in your mind about the flower even though you havent smelled it, The village atmosphere and the forest setting that some people would like to go back to. She forced her to transform into a tree and broke her mocie while plucking the flowers.

Cheluvi is reluctant but yet gives away the secret to Kumar,who takes her to the private pool A Tipical South Indian Setting and tends to her as she becomes a tree,her flowers drop into the pool but the flowing water carries out the cheluvvi along with them and the children of the house also wittness her becoming a tree.