Quote I can’t find them right now, does anyone know which ones I mean? A documentary that compiles interviews of the most credible UFO witnesses around the world, and further details investigations conducted by analysts and government officials into UFO sightings. Also, don’t give up, because Jose doesn’t start talking for several minutes into it. This is what I got. Use the HTML below. If not, why not? Jose Escamilla was a ufologist and general woo -meister, whose claim to fame was the discovery of the mysterious ” rods ” over New Mexico. Thanks, going to watch now!

For example, they may make the methane bright green, the “blue” filter blue, and the “red” filter red. I only skimmed through the first minutes I don’t have the time to watch it now , but it looked like another movie that presents Clementine photos as showing the same colours we would see if we were there, which is not true. If not, why not? Add the first question. For example, with the lunar ziggurat saga last summer with Mike Bara, Mike continued to move the goalpost, asking for one piece of evidence and then another and another. The light also comes from the wrong direction for that to be a shadow. Quote I can’t find them right now, does anyone know which ones I mean? A documentary about the life of Dr.

He went on to use this as a basis for the fake horizon lines in NASA’s Moon photos because they reveal ancient artifacts in the backgroundand to the fake Moon landings, because the occupants of the Moon had warned Earth authorities off on ever landing there again.

He claims that the film was published as over-exposed. Two are redundant and called “panchromatic” because they cdlestial-jose take a picture pretty celestial-jise irrespective of what color light hits them — anything from violet to the mid-infrared, it will see and record.


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This was clearly debunked on the History Celestial-nose MonsterQuest show, and it’s also pretty celestial-joes exactly the same thing behind the Denver UFO case from mid-November, It appears to be an anomaly which could be seen as a statue of the observer was at just the right time and location, but clearly the photos you have show it being a statue shaped surface feature. I thought the film was if anything, thought provoking, if not totally accurate, and as I have no experience beyond my own telescopic observations, I cant shoot it down nor confirm it.

That would at least explain the opposite for black vs white, and also the craters vs mounds in those two pics.

He goes across the entire surface pointing ceestial-jose what are clearly fresh craters and says these are domes and mounds. These seem to be the same pics, with one being displayed negatively, and the other positively. And, he captured what look sorta like rods. This is what I got. As in, elongated somewhat rectilinear shapes. I did watch the entire movie. If you ignore content entirely, it’s an interesting film. The recipe is for buckeyes.

July 21st, Running time: It’s an interesting set of questions, and I’d be interested in what you think about them. Read more about us here. External links Twitter Facebook Discord. Just to give you an idea of the scale of this statue, the largest one we have here on Earth is the Spring Temple Buddha in China and that stands at meters.

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Retrieved from ” https: Then it talks about the “structure” seen in photo AS, and about the “tentacles” or “cables” that appear to come out from the “structure”, but those “tentacles” are the vertical celetsial-jose on the side of the crater that can be seen on the photo he was talking about before, but only on the higher resolution versions.


If he’s correct in that the original image, or the print he’s working from, was over exposed, then that means that regions of it are saturated, bright white, and you lose all detail within those regions. I know that’s a very broad statement, but it’s true. That gives you a three-color composite that you can then analyze. So I have been doing a lot of background reading into the different instruments on the spacecraft.

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There are really three broad categories that I want to talk about in this episode. The second topic is actually his last in the film, and that’s what celestialjose claims is a structure many miles tall on the Moon.

This episode’s question comes from Darrin S. A dark sci-fi prequelhuge performances at the Oscarsand a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week.

He followed this up with Moon Risingwhere he explained how he had the sudden revelation that the Moon’s surface cannot be concrete-grey, despite what astronauts and Moon rocks might say.

Because he is expecting to see some kind filk digging going on, so he isn’t capable of understanding that there’s nothing going on, that’s why the photos look the same. Please login or register.

InEscamilla was due to premier a re-edited version of his film at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Edit Storyline Featuring some incredible imagery of the moon, Celestial brings forth lunar anomalies including glass domes over craters with buildings and structures underneath, six-mile-tall statues, even a tower that resembles the Eiffel tower.