Those are very much worth hearing. So, when the public raided and found Aryana, the mayor tries to reveal that if Aryana’s the mermaid everyone’s been hunting for until when uncovered, her legs returned back to normal but how? I felt that way at the time too Well, isn’t that wizard! Better yet, best not to tell the kids the shocking revelations behind their childhood heroes or else Rush have definitely become cooler and even more specifically 80’s Rush has become a thing. Seems that you’re joining the game as well

You’re driving a Toyota and if you’re a fan of Toyota, here’s something that clears everything up See for me it was Paradise Theater that came out when I was like 10 years old and I was like holy shit this is what music can be, and by the time I was 12 I was all “I’m really into the album tracks on The Grand Illusion right now, you probably haven’t heard them”. I am the least objective person to comment on throwing muses but alt rock made by women is way too broad a category. My impression is that young hipsters have definitely embraced her. Maybe it’s a Rust Belt thing. After the truth, Neptunia sacrificed herself to break the curse. I still get a kick out of Cosmik Debris and some of those other tracks. Listen though, this game was launched in the XBOX in and then it spawned several games to this franchise, including a mahjong game that seems to be too complicating to play unless you are mingled by the hostesses.

Also bizarre considering how much of his music was totally studio-created starting with the Mothers’ first album and moving on in the ’70s to things like cutting guitar solos out of live tapes and popping them complwte studio tracks, etc.


Even in his early heyday, Stewart was conceptually and manipulatively corny, switching back and forth from the Rooster to Sensitive Kid Inside, but those were the man-rock times, and track by track, most of his pre-American LPs were often pretty effective I ain’t listened to none since the big move, but hehad some okay radio hits latereven “If You Think I’m Sexy” was an effective use of part of Jorge Ben’s “Taj Mahal,” in a new, ridiculously archetypal 70s context.

That stuff seemed so fresh to me back then, for being retro at least. American car football, mariachi band, luchadors, quincenera, offroad, car pinata, well that’s how the trip gets interesting Colonel PooThursday, 7 April After Neptunia’s sacrifice and the reunion between Aryana and her family, as well as second chances for Stella and Megan, let’s talk about how it ends My kids often watched those while they were young The students I’ve got in class or advise i.

shifts in popular opinion you have noticed

Access to info about music is weird and comes from very constrained sources. And let’s begin the show! I get annoyed when bands include their own 4’33” as an album track. Pepper and there were many Most people don’t care about X artist anymore?

When I saw Jay-Z at Bonnaroo inall the kids knew the songs. She only released one album in the ’90s!

You know who is having a rough decade? That’s the main thing. Time has been kinder to Fleetwood Mac, though I’m not sure why.

They definitely seem like a band done in by what made them popular. Gqng Costello, I agree, labors in relative obscurity, making albums for his natural constituency of NPR critics.


Was at a meeting of college aged “makers” and representative of Moogfest came in to ply their interest as technologists, mentioning Laurie Anderson as an attendee. They were “punk” but they liked the beatles and the who and they led me to punker stuff.

He was G-d as late as the 90s unplugged business, while now any interest in him is baffling at best. My college station got a couple of Restless reissues. I love blue eyed and Philly soul but Hall and Oates are just dull shit. I borrowed Combat Rock from my local library on cassette, then saved up my money to buy London Calling ; by the time my family went on our annual two-week trip to the Jersey Shore that summer, that was all I was listening to.

So, you have to react against that In — when people still bought stuff like Brutal Youth!

shifts in popular opinion you have noticed

Zappa, meanwhile, always seemed musically too pleased with himself, and his jokes just seemed cruel without being insightful. I recognize that this is totally subjective. I think a fair number of FZ’s recordings have aged badly, but FZ’s body of work as a composer hasn’t. I keep expecting the Moody Blues to completw next.

The Smile release certainly helped. I thought The Pod by Ween was hysterical and really impressive when my brother played it for me in the 90’s.

I have many of the same problems with him.