I guess after what KJ did this episode DR can be a lotmore sure of him than he can be of her. Wish there are more previews to the show. His wife claims its nothing like that. She could take him in two seconds flat! Doo Rim yells at him to live his life well and show her, that is the real revenge he can inflict on her. Because of this two evil woman, both doorim and kangju is in pain. Kang Joo glares at her before going to his room. Guys this is a must to watch if you haven’t seen this yet.

Should I start here? He gets increasingly agitated asking her why she would do such a thing. Kang Joo sits in his room and stares at his ring and remembers putting it on Doo Rim at their private wedding and vowing to be with her forever. He gives her a Suspiciously Specific Denial: Kang Joo pulls up outside the family compound and pulls Doo Rim from the car. The pseudo-couple meet by the Han River, and he comments that’s she is fearless now that everything is in the open. I agree with both of you.

It’s the end of the day, and a drunken patron starts making demands that she pour drinks for him.

Hallyu Zombie Drama Review: Bride of the Century Episodes (1/2) – Zombie Mamma

I could see him becoming a safe-haven in an otherwise difficult and sometimes hostile world. She risked her life to be with him so why is she not telling him the truth.

I also thought the whole scene with the cat was adorable. Speaking of which, what is with that ending scene to episode 2?

He calls bullshit on epislde story and walks away with a curled lip. President ma and yk have no excuse, they are rich already!

From her actions, I guess she is. He comes to life around her frustrating ways that are unfamiliar to him, she comes to life trying to keep him in line and be a normal decent human being rather than lofty Choi Kang Joo.


This ep is totally not what I expected, from the preview of Ep12, I was expecting loads and loads of crying and sad scenes. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest.

She gives him the stink-eye, and he blusters that since he didn’t bring anything, he ought to at least do this much. It is time for DR grandma to reveal her past…. Kang Joo wants to brice she is but this is all Roo Mi will share with him. I can also see some jealousy that could happen here.

Asia Otaku added a new photo. Secretary Kim brings some snacks for Kang Joo and he notices the sweet potatoes. He kinda looked scared of her for a minute lol.

Did she really believe Kang Ju can continue their relationship with Yi Kyung the rest of his life without noticing that they are 2 completely different person?? He wants her to go inside with him now and reveal everything to his dad. If they understand the workings of the curse, that is.

When do you think Yi Kyung is going to return? For me, I think the reason I love this show so much is even with the twisted, cruel schemes going on, our leading couple and their reactions are so relate-able, and not as far fetched as in other dramas.

Absolutely loved the way Kang Joo still went after her after knowing the truth. I have high hopes for this drama! I expected the writers to deal with that on a deeper level. He yawns, but goes back to his work. Was she simply saying that or was she serious?

Bride of the Century Episode 12 Recap

csntury Her level of disconnection with reality is amazing. She was more worried about his pain than her. Just as Yi Hyun drank with the workers at the construction site, it gave them a tye view of him because he was willing to get down to their level, for lack of a better way to say that. Kang Joo knows how ridiculous he is being right now. Too little too late, show. Ms koala, we need your analysis of ep 13 preview! Ooh, I just love this!


She tells him she got the restaurant and whole lot of money for her part. Brie how your comment data is processed. All Doo Rim feels is worry that Kang Joo would get hurt. Roo Mi has no choice but to announce to the gathered reporters that this press conference is being rescheduled because Kang Joo got in a little accident on his way back and is in the hospital. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Oh good, I’m glad he didn’t fall for that baloney.

He promises to show her over and centur again how little he thinks of her, and with that, he storms out.

Zombie Mamma

Poor KangJoo and DooRim. How is making him feel like a stupid helping? Does he want Doo Rim? Asia Otaku added 14 new rbide. He ducks out of sight when she looks up, wondering if she stays awake 24 hours a day. Can we conclude that Doo Rim is just not normal in that sense? She seemed to be speaking from experience and not just as some rich person. Doo Rim asks what they will do with the food for thirty the restaurant bought for the event.

But brdie needs that. The two moms and Yi Kyung are sitting at the press conference and everyone is waiting for Kang Joo to arrive.