I also wondered about the Dokdo pic and like you JB, I don’t want them to bring current events in. His silver medals symbolize his strong ability as a swimmer; they mean he’s second fastest in the world at this moment! Maybe Baek Gun will drive it back. When she calls him on his crap. Shunji lets the others go and drags the waiter down to the torture cellar. He will lose his mind and become the village idiot.

Maybe he’s another inside man, working for the Freedom Fighters. Or at least some serious smarts. But I find her perspective naive and young, and in this world of complex relationships and twisted loyalties, I welcome a bit more dimension. Katsuyama raises his sword. I agree with what you said. Proving that it was just a threat to get them to talk, he grabs her in disbelief, asking how a girl with her entire life ahead of her could be so reckless. Rie, Shunji, and the count are among the attendees.

Someone just told us to sub it as ‘sex slaves’ instead. I hope you are doing well and I hope that your move went well. I have seen this word used a lot and I have smiled when I have seen it, but I am not sure I fully understand it.

The getaway truck stops near the cave in the woods and Damsari gives Kang-to a big, satisfying hug of gratitude.

They were caught and executed, but they committed acts of “terrorism” – Gandhi knew them, and actually spoke out against their execution. I really liked this episode and a lot of what I would like to say has already been said. I have to clarify, if Rie died, she would have probably joined the movement or sacrificed herself in someway for Kang To.

I can’t complain about there not being much of a chemistry when it comes to KT and MD, though. Right behind on the tracks a distance away, Shunji and cohorts are coming.

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I also loved kickass Rie in this episode. Can’t wait to see how she plays out, esp with Kang-to. The same goes for the Native Americans, I think they have the right to say they are the true owners of United States Your email address will not be published.


Nothing more, nothing beyond. And she’s not a bad actress. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Ivoire August 1, at 9: If I was Mok Dan, I’d have harsher words and a few kicks for him too. P Not the time nor the place, eh? I’m more interested in the hero plot briral than the romantic plot, i’m always forwading the scenes where Mok Dan is longing for her young master, can’t she stick to the freedom cause?

Unless he’s driving on just emotion, I think he may have a plan for not changing into gakistal, that is I am hoping he has a plan. Maybe he’s another inside man, working for the Freedom Fighters.

Hence, I feel like he still believes that Mok Dan should be touched by his action and this is what I meant by having that power over herhe’s been saying that over and over again every time he tries to show Mok Dan his nice side: Arhazivory July 19, at 5: Honestly, I don’t mind that it ends with that kind of scene again. Shunji draws up outside just then and hears Dan shouting at him to get out. That stare she shoots him could peel episodee.

This single intervention is like all of his previous punishments added up together, multiplied by a factor of ten or a hundred. Freedom fighter had them too. Faith, take note, please: If I was her, it would be dificult to register everything that she just discovered.

Shunji seems surprised at bdidal answer. Kang To was smarter when he was not worrying about Mok Dan!

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I find her so interesting! Kang-to’s evolution to become the hero and to understand his brother’s motives is really interesting. Hmmmm, well, Boon-Yi ended up at the hospital place where Shunji met her as Esther. She cuts through the space they pass through the door and Kang To knocks her sword away.


Linda Macy, loved all you said, so well said! Kang-to watches in horror as blood drips from her mouth—she has literally bitten her tongue, taking her own life rather than waiting for the enemy to do it for her.

But what is sovereignty? Kang-to tells her that she weighs on his mind: And one last thing. Awe August 18, at 9: He turns his attention to the war in China and the importance of not failing the empire at this crucial time.

I only find it maks when she keeps getting used at pawn piece, in and out of jail, susceptible to wrist grabbing and not even the mildly affectionate kind.

Dramabesns must love this show! But I really think he’s gone too far to the dark side. Argh, cliffhangers will be the serious death of me, specially when it’s cliffhangers done by Gaksital writers. He knew they were independence when they attacked Kang-to.

Maya August 17, at 5: Kang-to watches with a hairy eyeball as Shunji has her taken to the torture room.

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This episode is bound to have such political context. Hurrah for not having to wait for a whole week for next episode! Hence, “Bed scene,” I get it: And MD should go to sent to spy school.