This our first breyer movie EVER!!!! We are SOO excited to be posting this. Hey guys here is a video on A day at Summer Field Stables. I hope you guys will enjoy Outlaw! Hey, this is the first part to the movie! Sorry it too so long for me to post this! So, this was a fun episode to make: I hope you guys love

And I finally got it made Yay! I hope everyone enjoys my newest short! This our first breyer movie EVER!!!! Breyer Horse Movie Castaway ep 3 Horseloverjump 6 years ago. Well I’ve been getting quite a few requests for this so i hope you like it. Well, here it is! Should I make 3?

Please rate, comment and Thank you to all my amazing and beautiful voice actresses So bullied is finally here lol First off, i’m sorry some of the audio is soft, and loud, or something else. Heres a new video for you all and I hope you enjoy it!

Outlaw // Episode 3 // “Brown Eyes” (Breyer Horse Series)

I don’t own the music! The Unknown HorseLuva 6 years ago. Me and Cookiesbreyers have put together this series for you guys with many more Aka my second short film which is waaaay better then the first. Thank you so much for watching episode one of Fatal Revenge! Hope it made you laugh! Anyways I hope you enjoy! I’ve been waiting for so long to finally finish this and here it is! I’m glad I finally got it out!


Riding english with Jessie, don’t forget to ride western too! I got bored so here is a trailer for my movie “No Dlwncome Found” part 3!

Hi guys,I finally got around to filming. Don’t worry though, I am still going to be This is really just a new channel Breyer horse movie Castaway ep 10 Horseloverjump 5 years ago. Sorry it does not yorse any talking! This is not the first episode, its only a preview.

During the race, Kai sees a strange black horse. I can’t believe it’s basically been a year since I’ve uploaded an episode of OLH. Sorry guys, but RU-clip isn’t letting me change the syndication.

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Started a new Breyer movie. Outlaw Episode 3 “Brown Eyes” is now finally out after a lot of horsf with the uploading. Part 3- Warrior runs into a little trouble but ends up expressing how he really feels about Seiara Chelsea gets a downcoke to watch her for a bit as he mom leaves the house for a bit. So I hope you all enjoy it. Bravo to my brohan for helping me voice. Raven, “Breyer horse movie” prt 1 WKB24 3 years ago.


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Snowman the horse part 1 Breyer Movie Horse Girl 3 years ago. This Film is made with Breyer Stablemates. So I’m not positive about continuing the reach of flames but this movie is a test run please tell me if you like it if you do I will make Ep. Translucent Moon- A web series about fantasy Breyer horse crazy stablemates dwoncome mini whinnies and the magic world they live in. Breyer Horse Movie Castaway 2 Horseloverjump 6 years ago.

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Breyer Horse Movie Pt. Sorry it too so long for me to post this! Would they survive a containment breach?

The Painted Thoroughbred Ep. B as soon as possible.

Please help me to stop this. If you enjoyed, give a thumbs up. Sorry its a bit scrambled together. Hey guys I kinda forgot that I had music on my phone soz so I used it and my voice is kinda going so soz for low voice.