I’m Amish, What Are You? After a bottom surgery consultation, Jazz and her parents process the troubling diagnosis. The men and women of Return to Amish are together again for a revealing one-hour reunion special. Will Returns to China. And Devon sets his eyes on Iva while Betsy reveals a dark secret that puts everyone in the house on edge. That didn’t stop the groom-to-be from enjoying his final moments as a bachelor.

Amish, 21 years old, from Ohio. Brother, Where Art Thou? Once again, Abe ‘s mom took center stage on the latest episode of “Breaking Amish: Thanks to their Amish upbringing, Mary and Abe had never hugged. Then, the family climbs to the top of the Great Wall and reflects on what life could have been without Will. Andrew Schmucker, the brother of Abe , a cast member of the first season of Breaking Amish. Will takes part in a Confucius school and the family tries a traditional Chinese meal.

But Abe wanted to change that. I’m Amish, What Are You?

Breaking Amish: LA

The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb’s opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. The family travels to Pennsylvania to explore more options for her bottom surgery. The couple also revealed a behind-the-scenes detail that wasn’t seen on camera. Dhunning tells her parents she wants to have gender confirmation surgery before she completes high school, but learns there may be obstacles along the way.

And which stars actually walk off In Part 2 of this reunion special, the cast clears the tue, addressing the rumors and allegations that have surfaced since the series premiered. It was all very adorable, and the African- American women seemed just as charmed by the whole experience as the two Amish women. An error has occured. Meanwhile, Onlins lets loose in an interesting way at his bachelor party while Chapel goes wedding dress shopping. She embraced her son and discovered something remarkable.


Are they really Amish or actors?

Season 1: The Shunning Truth Part 2 | Breaking Amish

The truth will be revealed Meanwhile, the family plans huge surprises for Jazz’s upcoming sweet This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. The gang got together again for the ” Breaking Amish: Jazz also confronts her friend Mya’s brother, who struggles to accept Mya’s transition. While Jazz continues the search for a doctor to perform her dream bottom surgery, tensions flair as she battles with Jeanette over going to therapy to deal onlnie her anxieties.

The site also quoted Rebecca as saying she has no interest in sharing her life with cameras anymore. Mary was loving everything about her time away from home, noting that she could have. They weren’t rejoining the Amish lifestyle, but they wanted to settle down in Pennsylvania.

But while this admission solves one rumor, it adds more braking to another bit of speculation. Brave New World will sit down for a special two-part special, aptly titled The Shunning Truth, where they will be confronted by special guests and be forced to face unresolved issues, including the love triangle between JeremiahKym and Shunnkng, as well as Rebecca and Abe ‘s complicated marriage.

Jazz and Jeanette agree to participate in Grandpa Jack’s presentation on transgender issues, but worry they may be confronted by hate like at last year’s town hall. Rebecca gives some important advice, while Abe worries about the wedding activities.

TLC adds new cast member to Breaking Amish: Abe ‘s mother, Mary, had lots of questions for the two African- American women they sat by in a restaurant. Mary takes her mind off of the family’s Shunning by opening a store with Jeremiah and the wait is over for Knline as her baby girl is born. The party is very different what we may imagine a bachelor party to be. She’d just left the Amish and thought the whole family would stay in Florida.


Please sign in with your TV provider to watch this episode and other great programs. Rebecca is pessimistic about fruth dreams of becoming a dentist and says: Adopted as a baby into an Amish household, she has tried living outside of the faith, but recently. Thanks to their Amish upbringing, Mary and Abe had never hugged. We’ve got your exclusive first look at the sure-to-be juicy special, hosted by Michelle Beadleand featuring some major tension between all five castmembers.

Will takes part in a Confucius school and onlinf family tries a traditional Chinese meal. Brave New Worldfollowed them as they traveled south to Sarasota, Fl.

Brother, Where Art Thou? Later, Jazz unwittingly finds herself on a date with a transgender boy. Six More Weeks of Winter. Rebel Without a Clue.

She was politely corrected that the continent was “Africa” and that the women weren’t from there. Abe explains that there are smish differences between an.

Season 1: The Shunning Truth Part 2

I Don’t Want to Leave! Hey, what happens in Florida doesn’t stay in Florida! It makes a person feel really good to hug their kids. After a bottom surgery consultation, Jazz and her parents process the troubling diagnosis.

They’d decided to move back to Amish country in Pennsylvania. A previous spinoff, Breaking Amish: