Travelling incognito at an inn, he barely eludes the police who have been alerted to his plans, and he passes the defrocked monk Varlaam off as the real fugitive. The opera was rejected by the censors. A fight breaks out between two Jesuits and the people. He prepares to march on Moscow. He then sinks back in a chair. He tells them that Boris has not yet accepted the throne, but that they should pray that he will. Dimitri enters and frees the Jesuits. Grigory is particularly anxious to get across the border to Lithuania and the hostess explains that although the border is guarded there is another way across.

Act 1 In a Russia stricken by plague, famine and political crises, the people resolve to acclaim their new tsar, Boris Godunov. The pretender, the monk Grigory, is formally excommunicated, but this does not impress the people. A group of children tease him and steal his money just one kopek. Marina’s dressing room in the castle of Sandomir in Poland Marina is finishing her toilette, surrounded by a chorus of admiring handmaidens. She persuades him to act quickly to get an army together to march to Moscow and get the throne. Back to Russian Playwrights Index.

Grigory declares that the punishment of God and man will strike Boris. With his son Fyodor, the tsar ponders his accession to the throne. The crowd are kneeling in front of two cathedrals in the centre of Moscow.

The composer wrote the words the libretto himself. Fyodor tries to cheer her up by singing a jolly clapping song. Pimen tells Grigory that summarry tsarevich, murdered by the orders of Boris Godunov, would have been about Grigory’s age if he had lived. Sending Feodor away, Boris questions Shuisky, who saw the ded child, as to whether it was indeed Dimitri. He cut the whole of the Cell Scene because he thought the opera was too long.


However, Tsar who then ruled said he did not mind, so the opera was first performed in in Saint Petersburg. Boris Godunov feels terribly guilty about the murder.

But gradually whispers of the true fate of Dimitri began to be noised about, and at last reached the ears of an ambitious young monk named Gregory. All composers By summarh Search composers Italian composers German composers Austrian composers French composers English composers American composers Russian composers.

He begs God for mercy for his sins. Shuisky manages to persuade him to sit down on his throne. Print Tell a friend. He had learned a lot by trying to write these operas summwry he used some of the musical ideas in Boris Godunov. Act I Scene i.

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Police officers come in search of Grigory, who is being sought by the authorities. Varlaam realizes this and snatches the paper from him. He then says goodbye godumov his son and tells him to take good care of the Russian people.

He then sinks back in a chair. This young man immediately realized that the murdered Dimitri would have been practically the same age as himself. For many years it was these editions that were usually performed. So it came about that in a short space of time, the Pretender, Gregory, at the head of a large and powerful Polish army, invaded Russia intent on establishing his fraudulent claim to the Russian throne.

They ask whether anyone can read hardly anyone could read in those days, except monks. He was almost certainly murdered, and Boris Godunov, who wanted to become tsar himself, had probably ordered him to be murdered for the sake of the opera, Mussorgsky assumes that he was indeed guilty of his murder.


The action takes place between February 20, and April 13, Then he persuaded the Russian people that they should choose him to be their tsar.

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Pimen tries to comfort him. He appears troubled, assailed by doubts and presentiments — no one knows at the time that in order to accede to the throne he had the legitimate claimant — Dmitriy, one of the sons of Ivan the Terrible — botis.

The opera Boris Godunov can either be performed in the first version ofor in the second borus of Even though the assembly of boyars issues an edict condemning the false claimant Grigoriy, Boris is trapped by his crimes: Nowadays the opera is nearly always performed with the forest scene finishing the opera. Two monks, Varlaam and Missail, come in.

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Feodor shows him the map of Russia he has been studying. The order given above is what Mussorgsky wanted. Biding his time, he managed to escape from the monastery. Rangoni tells Dimitri that the Princess is in love with him.

Thus jolted out of his lovesickness, he turns to thoughts of future glory and they are reconciled, to the joy of the watching Rangoni.