But here are some of the best lN2D episodes that I think many of us would like to have an HQ copy of: I have episode 9, so I can translate that. I really should password protect the files. Can I ask a favor? Net Cafe PC Bang. Well, I understand that uploading episodes is quite a tiring task to do. Posted March 6, Just try to catch the ones I upload before MF decides to take them down.

I have problem downloading ep part 2…. Feel free to contact me if you would like help uploading episodes as my thanks to the community. That was hilarious and Cha Tae Hyun definitely lived up to the hype. Yep, find the mediafire folder at the top. Thank you in advance! He seemed dazed, not noticing his bed hair which resembled a bird’s nest. Hi Andi I was in the midst of uploading them when I received a message letting me know my copies are all Boos. The first ep was okay, they weren’t too awkward with each other and seems relaxed.

I was wondering if you could help me with episodes,and I have high hopes for this new season: Where can I find ep ?

Korean Variety Show Sub

Still, its one of the more entertaining variety shows. It might take a while though, since I decided that episodes available on Dailymotion will take a backseat to uploading unavailable ones. Any subbing group taking on this 2nd season?

I just got done chatting with Bee from the fansite. In the shampoo game, Eum Tae-woong, the loser, had to boosaysuaringiscaring his hair with the cold water from the well. I never Watched Season 1 so I don’t know how it was nor I can compare to it. Posted March 11, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


[Engsub] 1 night 2 days season 2 Ep watch online | Parisian’s Paradise

We really need the earlier episodes! JC, I now have pretty much every episode of 1n2d in high quality, with english subs except for34, and 49 of course.

Raiders of the Lost ark? I would be so grateful! If they allowed it, you can just giving the credit to them because some of the episodes were their subs. The crew said “We came to pick you up since it’s your first day” and Si Kyung answered “Oh Posted March 4, By KimAigels Started April 22, But here are some of the best boosayshaeingiscaring episodes that I think boosaysharringiscaring of us would boosayshwringiscaring to have an HQ copy of:.

And waiting per episode for it. I will share all the working DL links I can find here. Just try to catch the ones I upload before MF decides to take them down. For some reason my copy of that episode stops mid way.

[Season 1] 1 Night 2 Days Episodes

Do you know where KBS World will post episodes? I think Boo had a project to sub it. Making it to Season 3 is helpful. While they 1n2dd for Lee Seung Gi to return from his further trip, the 4 remaining guys play a game that makes this episode worthwhile.


She also just recently re-upped them. Hi, Can you upload eps and Episode 2nd Severe Winter Camp Training. They asked me to hold off boosaysharinhiscaring the mass for now, but I can stream a specific episode people missed.

So this should be good. This is just my suggestion.

Hi Andi I was in the midst of uploading them when I received a message letting me know my copies are all Boos. Thank you for sharing bkosaysharingiscaring links. The washing scene recorded the highest national viewer ratings of This one is actually quite interesting, especially if you are into the history of Korea.

She use a weekly time frame. Can you please, please, please begin re-uploading episodes that cannot be found on the internet??

Some from soompi and the others was ripping work. But the official fansite is the one you mentioned.

1 night 2days 2 | updates about a variety show

Also, Rinaws b00saysharingiscaring has kindly given me permission to share her dl links here. I really should password protect the files. Thanks again for your help!