More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Some of the other episodes include original elements or reference events from filler episodes, but these do not impact the story in the long run so you can safely ignore them. The Person Who Protects vs. Ichigo, realizing he is being excluded from information due to his lack of powers, decides to contact Xcution. After Soul Society, the series went downhill and turned into a bunch of “anything you can do, Ichigo can do better Ichigo is then impaled by a sword held by Rukia which causes him to become a Soul Reaper once again.

Sadly Bleach was canceled a while back, so every episode is available already in Japanese, English, and subtitled for those that prefer the original Japanese voices. Yamamoto agrees just as Ichigo accepts to continue being a Substitute Soul Reaper. However, using his bankai to destroy the dimension with the other Soul Reapers looking on, Ichigo admits knowing about the revelation yet still intends to trust the Soul Society for aiding him in protecting the people close to him. Meet the Gotei 13! I stopped watching around episode 80 or Ugokidasu Tsukishima ” Japanese:

The season aired from October to March Later on, Rukia prepares for an upcoming ceremonial dance her late sister had been in many years ago, but she is unimpressed with her own dancing abilities.

The next day, Ichigo’s friends, Keigo Asano bleachbet Mizuiro Kojimaare attacked by the thief whom Ichigo had stopped prior. September 10, at 9: I might actually pick Bleach back up using this. Ichigo attempts to take them down, but Yukio uses his new powers to protect them and separate the others. Which episodes of Bleach are filler? He stabs Ichigo with his sword and says he will take Ichigo’s Fullbring. Thank you for your interest in this question.


Elsewhere, the owner of the stolen bag meets with his friends revealing he has found Ichigo. After Rukia is given her late sister’s kimono instead, she realizes that Renji was trying to help relax her so bleachger would not worry so much about the dance. Guide to watching Bleach without the pointless filler: Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

How to Watch Bleach Without Filler (Complete)

Ichigo, Chad and Xcution start their battle with Tsukishima. It was fun seeing the each zanpakuto materialized. New Year in Seireitei Special!

Thanks, might actually pick Bleach up again now havn’t wachted for about 2 years I guess. Forgot your username or password?

Like half filler half story, Naruto has them forgot if Bleach did. Their client, the owner of the stolen bag, requests an investigation on Isshin KurosakiIchigo’s father.

This thread is extremely helpful! If I made any mistakes with the guide pm me and I will fix it right away.

New Year in Seireitei Special! However, Byakuya shoots out his bankai from his hand, piercing Tsukishima’s chest. Although Orihime suffered no cuts, she starts having a vague idea that Tsukishima was her friend. Hisagi, Towards the Hot Springs Inn! Ichigo is then impaled by a sword held by Rukia which causes him to become a Soul Reaper once again.


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I figured that was the best way since I didn’t have anyone tell me what the fillers were. Enraged he starts to battle Tsukishima, but the expert Fullbringer overwhelms him.

Thank you soooo much. Agent of the Shinigami story arc 1. Compactly, the fillers are: Views Read Edit View history. Kira attempts to stop the chaos, but his plan ultimately fails.

The following episodes are anime-original content which you should skip if you aren’t interested in filler.

The Complete Bleach Episode Guide (NO FILLERS)

Who is the Traitor!? Eryc James Hey guys, I’m new to the site. Ichigo, towards the Gleachget World! If only I saw this thread when I was still watching bleach D:.

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Tsukishima appears behind them and tries to break their minds by adding new memories to their epiaode, but Urahara and Isshin knock them out. Well this thread may be forgotten since wer’re gonna have fillers for a longggg time. The xecutioner arc was crap?

I think you should addit’s a beach fanservice episode so someone might really want to watch it: Most of it is filler but the last scene.