I might just replay all of CS then. Regarding his role in the war, it seems he wasn’t really a hero, exactly. This guide is not meant to cover every detail. She says she’ll do what she can, and asks how he knows Jin. Makoto is glad to see that Noel hasn’t changed, and explains that she was sent to investigate because nobody could get in touch with anyone at the Kagutsuchi NOL branch. He’ll reveal them soon, maybe in the next game. There’s no way in hell you’ve got Ragna the Bloodedge’s stamp!

She explains that he’s now wanted, and that she’s a first lieutenant now. Nu makes fun of Rachel, saying she’s an old woman, not a ghost. I said THE major villain. Completing bounties by other methods, such as reporting to the public office instead or bringing them in without a binding ars results in fees being subtracted from the reward. He does meet up with Relius and get a few answers. She explains that he’s the Destroyer, with the power to destroy the order as in opposite of chaos that controls the world. Pilot small armagus aircraft called Shubalves and protect ports.

Nu’s soul in Lambda is apparantly used somehow to give Ragna the power to turn Mu back into Noel shattering her Unit or something. The console port is arcade perfect and includes new stages, the Legion Mode from the PSP version of Calamity Triggerand revamped versions of the continuu stages.

Bang’s story isn’t too serious. The NOL headquarters is located on the continuu Hierarchical City, and orders are issued from there to other city branches, however sometimes orders are dispatched directly by the Imperator via imperial decree.


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December 17, [6] NA: Nu makes fun of Rachel, saying she’s an old woman, not a ghost. All that is left is Noel’s marriage certificate.

It does confirm that Relius created the Hazama body. The details can wait. It allowed it to “observe” any “event”. Ragna is blaazblue of them.


Right then, all that’s left is Takamagahara As he tries to leave, Yukianesa begins invading his thoughts and tells him to kill all of the villagers.

Noel mumbles something about the power of an observer.

He didn’t know for sure that she was the imperator before the ending, but had speculated it was the case. Hal is a doctor who lives in Orient town and fills in for Litchi when she’s away.

Starts with Ragna and Noel hanging on a roof. Last edited by Ishiirou ; Aug 28, 4: After the fight she says he “could win”, but not in his current state, and asks Valkenhayn to injure him and create a handicap of some sort which he thinks is to give Ragna a chance, but she says it’s for him.

You can find it here. Ouroboros – Hazama’s snakes.

Bang also spends time with Platinum the Trinity, who like I said, manifests the Trinity stry and tries to tell him about his Nox Nyctores, but fades before giving him full details.


Musashi – Jubei’s swords, created especially for him.

Story Analysis of Blazblue Continuum Shift

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Anyway, she says that this is the core of the lifelink theory and that she has to concur with the things “he” said. Jin says that Bang is stupid for not killing him when he has the chance, but Bang says that may be, but they’re not at war. She looks like a human girl. A world where death is permanent and the past stays the past, if you will. She doesn’t know about their relationship. It all seems to be caused by the Muchourin, and Trinity can only surface rarely.

A number of shadowy factions intend to use this “continuum shift” to bend the future to their will, setting the cogs of an ancient conspiracy into motion. May 18, EU: It could be when she observed him, or it could be part of the tempering process.

I wouldn’t say they’re all interconnected, but I could be wrong. For discussing Continuum Vlazblue storyline and scenarios. Well then, all the best Mr Jubei!