The following table illustrates how error increases with frequency. Handle the microphone with care. The peak acceleration and displacements do not necessarily occur in the same time interval as the peak velocity. Make sure the battery is fully charged. For electrical outlets other than VAC 60 Hz, you must use an optional power converter; contact your dealer for more information. Use isopropyl alcohol to remove stains. Multiple Record Modes — offer you unlimited flexibility during monitoring operations:

If a geophone fails to meet requirements a message identifies it. In our tutorial, this is the one we triggered by bumping the transducer. The BlastMate II stores summary event information in intervals rather than in the real time continuous method used in the other record modes. This reduces processing time, by not having to run Sensorcheck for each event, and speeds up recording especially when using the continuous record mode. Additional Installation Procedures The following sections outline procedures to install the standard transducer on walls and ceilings. With a vernier, measure the distance between P1 and P2 see Figure and use the 1X scale. Installing a Microphone Instantel microphones come with a sectional three foot one meter mounting stand. Check with your local power utility to ensure the supplied electric power may be used with the BlastMate II.

A complete discussion of the procedures is beyond the scope of this manual. If, during the warranty period, a unit fails to perform in accordance with Instantel’s published specifications, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. The table below shows example printer roll capacities at different scales.


BlastMate II Operator Manual –

Size px x x x x This window displays the total amount of memory, the percentage of memory available, and the number of events recorded. If the event is longer than 10 seconds, it may split into a number of events. The BlastMate Blashmate has three trigger source settings: For wall installations, the arrow was not pointed towards the event. Locate the mounting stand at the point of interest.

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Check L chan s message appears. I agree to the Terms.

Compound Waveforms If the record exhibits interference by two or more predominant frequencies then blashmate maximum displacement will be the sum of the maximum of each individual frequency component.

Slide the leveling plate with the transducer over the bolt. Mic Alarm Level The remote alarm can also be triggered by the microphone using this command.

Aim the front of the microphone towards the event. Wall Installation 4—1 4. A good sensor will have a natural frequency between 6. The time interval between the first and second zero crossing is multiplied by two and inverted to yield frequency.

BlastMate II Operator Manual

Bolting the Standard Transducer A standard transducer may be bolted to a surface alone or with the aid of the optional leveling plate. Output can be used to drive an external load. Induced coil voltage is therefore proportional to serirs or magnet velocity relative to each other and in practice it does not matter 4—4 BlastMate II Operator Manual Reference whether the coil or the magnet moves.

The sandbag must be of sufficient size to cover the entire standard transducer and lay on the surrounding surface around the standard transducer. One of three responses can be used for processing: Attach the ground spikes to the standard transducer.


Typing at the cursor position replaces the existing character io moves the cursor ahead, but it can also be moved independently with the Right or Left Arrow keys. Introduce yourself to advanced monitoring technology with a real-time operating system, USB interface, expansive memory, and a variety of plug and play peripherals that provide unequalled versatility across multiple applications.

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The event will be held in short term memory, but if you enter Monitor mode again it will be lost. Current date and time. Figure Bolting the Standard Transducer to a Surface. Visit us at our website: The last sections provide reference and maintenance information, and extensive troubleshooting support, followed seties supporting information in the Appendix.

If the range is too small the plotted result would be very large. Remote Alarm — self contained remote alarm ki complete with high power auxiliary drive capability for external sirens and other alarms.

The range of values available is 0. Disconnect and stow cables, geophone sfries microphone. A “circular” log file is maintained which retains up to a maximum of 30 log entries.