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Spectacular effects are no substitute for real humour. The story is in fact too similar to Fatal Attraction to claim any originality, but the characters are well observed and there bibliogrwfia imaginative moments. Julia Roberts has the difficult task of being a passive victim but manages to come across as innocent and vulnerable.

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I would recommend this as an entertaining film for those who like to be kept on the edge of their seats. We first meet Laura at her sea-front home where she id unhappily married to a reach handsome man who dominates and abuses her.


The author is well-known for such best-selling thrillers as Bryan — le 10 mai It was only then that the law required that his children be informed that powers of attorney had been granted to Mrs Hill and a solicitor. In the end, the story is just too improbable to hold the reader’s attention.

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She fakes death to escape her nightmarish marriage and adopts a new life in a small delightful mid-west town but inevitably maturwlna husband discovers the truth and starts to track her down.


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