As soon as I solve some streaming issues I have with my Windows 7 network, I should settle there. As for audio settings,… it all depends on what your personal preferences are. You sacrifice quality by increasing RF from 20 to 25 and the picture quality is smoother and more crisp? But I just find it a little misleading. Can you help me by explaining this? Your Comment Your Comment – Required! Thanks Karn for taking the time to post a nice comment!

In spite of playing fine, all videos I have been converting using this setup got me a warning on my LG BD player: Videos which are overall very simple like most cartoon animation will be showered with data that they are unable to use to increase picture quality, while complex videos will not get the data required to ward off bad picture quality. The picture above is a Blu-ray where they are still using the boring old DVD formats. The three options next to the drop down box allows you to set the current subtitle track as the default one in the output “Default” option , to only display forced subtitles from the current track “Forced Only” option – this usually means small bits of translated foreign languages , and to burn-in the subtitle into the video so it can’t be turned off ever “Burned In” option. You can crop that out in Handbrake by taking away that or those lines. Where do I find more refined settings for Vidcoder 1. So after deciding on what you need, select the target stream to convert if you have more than one audio stream selected for the input , select a codec, mixdown choose 6 channel discrete for 5. I can compress Blu-rays down to 1.

The compression settings can make it that an old MPEG-2 codec can actually out perform a modern codec like h Nov 18, – Anyway what I was aiming for is a descent pc or laptop just for encoding my dvds to x I still get a problem with the lag FPS. If you want to add subtitles, I generally do this after the fact. Denoise smooths out the picture, but it also eats away at detail. You have not voted yet!


VidCoder Settings Tutorial – High Quality H.264 (x264) MKV Video Encoding

Is the Bluray ripped with RedFox first and then converted through handbrake? An additional downside is that h takes more time to compress.

Special offer Hot topics. It is easy to use. It’s truly AwEsOmE to see that folks like our articles and small applications. Decrease the Q number 20 to increase quality. This broke down stetings lot of settings that individual searches for made confusing.

Free Trial Video Converter Ultimate. Or you can even turn Anamorphic settnigs off. About specifying size, I was working on the idea of putting as much possible bitrate as you can get for the max size I am basing my conversions on, as long as it does not exceed the original bitrate, of course. The quality is a little bit worse, settnigs the episode ends up at MB. Nov 18, – 5: Trust me, it takes a while, but the quality is far superior, and usually yields a smaller file size.

Hope this helps with the confusion. I cannot confirm this though. Hi Thomas, thank you for the compliments and the feedback.

Great great write up! This takes about 2 -3 hours. Reading back on my last reply I havent explained myself very well — What I am trying to say is By setting the processing priority to slow, and giving the computer more time and resources it will do a nicer job, and produce a better result with a much smaller file size — thats why I push the RF to 25, smaller file size. If you use CQ mode, then something around 20 plus or minus 1 will be more than fine for SD sources. Page 2 of 2: Even so it took 9 hours to accomplish the conversion.


I try to take a random sample All times are GMT Share This Page Tweet.

VidCoder Tutorial

First of all, what is VidCoder? These numbers should all give a pretty good acceptable quality. Support quite a few formats as well. Or … Rip your home-made straight to AVI. Dark ScythRick and Fejinwales like this. Therefore you are forced to choose between How do I set things up so conversion always keeps the original resolution?

VidCoder Settings Tutorial – High Quality H (x) MKV Video Encoding | Digiex

Subtitles can either be read from the original source except for Blu-ray moviesor you can load in an external. A two-pass encode takes about 3 hours. The weird thing is that I’m also getting an error importing preset files generated by Vidcoder itself. More useful is the “Play Preview Clip” button, which when clicked, will quickly generate a preview video clip with your selected audio and subtitles options.

You make a valid point concerning the black bars, especially since the actually space saving is minimal. InsaneNutterMar 15, I have fir it before with PAL sources. Am I right in doing so? And after all, generally t. I usually use CRF for my movies. You must log in or sign up to reply here.