I hate that some fans can’t accept that the drama they are supporting is very flawed! Matte reaction is proper one; although you are sad, how could you ignore something so weird about somebody in plastic wrap. But as he stares at the ring he had been planning to give to the girl he loves, Kim Bo Tong, we see from his face just how much it took for him to give her up. Thats probably why they have the same vibe: Someone else above noticed that she isn’t like a typical hysterical, fainting fan-girl. I will check the episode this weekend. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

Episode 16 Pretty Boy. Web Drama Korea Subtitle Indonesia. I don’t really like his new short hair. Bo Tong acted out that she swallowed it and she needs to go to the hospital to open up her stomach to get the ring. I can already see he initiated on it with Dokgo Mate. Adeline November 21, at 8: Nana November 20, at

I just watched the first 15 mins and am so excited coz its really up my wacky alley.

Inspiring Gooddrama link Korean Drama: Episode 1 – introduction of characters well-presented. There were some awkward tonal shifts, but the first episode was pretty decent.

Bel Ami Korean Drama Download Free – Drama Korea Club

Looking forward to dramaceazy next surprise very anxiously! As emotional scene after emotional scene occurred putting our emotions through the wringer, this drama definitely hit my buttons. The swig of water takes us back to the present, where Mattei takes in the view from his brand new apartment. In a fancy high-rise apartment overlooking the city, a woman dressed to the nines paws hungrily at a man who looks rather bored by the proceedings.


An ending like a white lilac blooms in a sunny spring morning. Well, I think the one who lectured you is not the one who brought up Pretty Man in this week’s or whatever Heirs discussion. I might actually tune in.

ALL ABOUT HAPPY ENDINGS: Korean Drama: Pretty Boy Episode 16 Finale Summary

dramavrazy First of all, when I saw that KBS was calling it Bel Ami a reference to the novel of the same title by Guy de MaupassantI did think we would be going a bit darker than what the teasers made it out to be. Dramacdazy korea terbaru a coffee to go korean, drama korea terbaru a coffee to go park, drama korea terbaru a coffee to go asianwiki, drama kore I thought 16 episodes would not be enough to fix loose ends. If it is a Japanese drama, there would have been a season 2!

His comic timing is just perfect and his intense emotions are engrossing. The side characters are funny. I dropped it after 3 or 4 episodes I don’t actually remember! She admits freely to Mom about liking Mattei, which she clearly has known for years. Well, he delivered this part previously. I love many actors but if the drama sucked I would say that!


I don’t have many complaints just yet lol This drama seems to not have taken on a bigger case than it can get through. HCY is also an interesting 2nd lead.

Thats probably why they have the same vibe: Jang Geun-suk is fantastic in that he can carry off comedy and drama so well. Jang Geun Suk was perfectly cast.

[Beautiful Man] Thoughts and Recap For Episode 16

Yeah, she’s always been extraordinarily gorgeous, but more so in her 30s. Asia Econ via Naver 1.

Yes, indeed he is a great and underrated actor. Someone else above noticed that she isn’t like a typical hysterical, fainting fan-girl. It arrived and the ending. Drama korea what s up sub indo my bl, drama korea what s up sub indo goblin, drama korea what s episore sub indo spiderman, drama korea what It seems to be better and less cliche-filled as Heirs and I wish I kept me hooked till the end.

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