Please contact the site administrator. This page was last edited on 17 February , at Black shadows move in the house, the daughter feels like someone is watching her and children have claimed the little girl was sitting on the floor playing. Maybe the camera in the room caught it. Retrieved October 9, Beardslee Castle in Little Falls, NY is a restaurant and bar beyond interesting with claims of screams, voices, doors opening, sounds of singing and a form of a lady standing in a window.

But the team will be fine without him. Episodes marked “special” in the above tables are listed on SyFy. The stories turned to tragedy when a few individuals broke into the Beardslee crypt and desecrated the graves. This was Grant’s final investigation. Steve and Grant get to work on the debunking in the kitchen. This location was picked as part of the Great American Ghost Hunt contest. Bellingham, Massachusetts — Scully residence. Louis, Missouri — Lemp Mansion.

She heard it too, more like a laughing noise! Audible Download Audio Books. Dragging sound- thumping sounds- everything is odd. Eureka Springs, Arkansas — Crescent Hotel. Maybe the camera huntere the room caught it. Annapolis, Maryland — U. Strange Feelings…In the cathedral ceiling that had been open to the second gnost was closed off and some of the activity seemed to subside. Cleveland, Ohio — Grays Armory. Newport, Rhode Island — Fort Adams.

Augustine, Florida — Old St. Edit Details Release Date: Another possible source of Indian presence was brought about by Guy Beardslee himself. The specials are just reviews and recaps of investigations. A residence built back inthe home is believed to be haunted by the spirit of an old tenant. Norm Gauthier, a ghost hunter from the New Hampshire Institute for Paranormal Research arrived with a peisode load of equipment to test for ghosts.


Kingston, Ontario — Fort Henry.

See epiisode full gallery. During construction, two people witnessed a very strong smell of ladies perfume in the empty Carriage House Owner Hangs Himself — The beardslwe owner of the Castle as a restaurant, Pop Christensenhung himself in the building following a protracted illness.

Steve and Tango use their turn in the house to investigate the attic. Was it Amy in the basement? Newport, Rhode Island — Seaview Terrace. The mausoleum still exists far back in the woods among a stand of foot tall virgin pine trees.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

A major camp in use over a period of almost years was located just a few hundred yards to our east, along a knoll that overlooks the Mohawk. The origin of this story is unknown although several weddings did take place at the Castle when it was a residence.

Bartonville, Illinois ghosg Peoria Asylum. At the end of the night the tapes were played back and faint voices were heard whispering…some almost playful in nature.

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Louisville, Kentucky — Waverly Hills Sanatorium revisit. Share this Rating Title: Your browser is out of date.

Kris and Dave are on the 2nd floor where heard sound like keys jingling and knocking sounds. Could his spirit haunt the restaurant? Francisville, Louisiana — Myrtles Plantation. A grand-daughter of Pop Christensen has reported seeing the lantern floating on its own behind the building.


All of the Indian artifacts were destroyed when the building burned in Haletown, Tennessee — Hales Bar Dam. The strongest evidence was that the place felt haunted. One of these spots became fairly well known for stopping watches and keeping cameras from functioning… the same spot where the mysterious ghost photograph was later taken.

However he did return to East Creek with at least three full Sioux war bonnets and a collection of tomahawks, knives, and other ceremonial vastle. Three employees were chased from the building late one night by a thunderous scream or howl that seemed to come from all around them at once.

Monticello, Arkansas — Allen Mansion.

During the course of the night tape recorders would run for ten minute stretches. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Late one night a band of Indians crept into the home and made their way into the tunnels where the munitions were stored. They hear footsteps, like somebody was running up the hallway toward Jason.

Still, the team had some unusual experiences and hopefully there’s evidence on tape.