Because even the expansion content should be synced down to the highest sync level on planet. The Chestguard looks very similar to the Gladiator Chestguard purchased from the Tatooine comms vendor. For the rewards, some are class specific while others are not. Recruitment] is Lord Sharoleight, not Gorn. Hey Vint, how are you these days! Jedi Guardian Jedi Sentinel. This list should hopefully help some of you fashion fanatics that are looking for matching armor of a set. Some may have additional quest prerequisites, I’m unsure of that, but none of them should in any way interact with your class quest.

Not all of it needs to be shared. This guide is pretty useful for planetary commendation farming so you can keep yourself and your companion s geared. I also tried relogging. I verified, and it seems to answer your question, and doesn’t go against what you already found being able to get Nar Shadda around 32, and Taris at All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Every planet has a bonus series.

With level sync, being the proper level shouldn’t be much of an issue anymore. We are kind of in a in-between period now between 1.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. For example, Nar Shaddaa’s bonus series is level 32, but an Imperial player will normally first go there around level Mufasa that conjecture is completely and provably false. Crimson Fang Miscellaneous Story Veteran.


Balmorra: Bonus Series 1

Flashpoint Medcenter Trainer Vendor Vip. Der Widerstand ist dem Untergang geweiht. Unfortunately there is a limit to how many items you can link to imperil per page and have seeries tooltips load. Two comms each if I remember correctly. They generally follow on to and ‘wrap up’ that planets storyline, and generally involve visiting several new quest hubs and doing a variety of additional quests.

I do hope to hear back from you. Euer Krieg ist vorbei, Ihr braucht mich nicht. For the rewards, some are class specific while others are not.

Not all of it needs to be shared. Well, I guess most of this article is obsolete now. Glory to us all. Looking for the Republic equivalent? Regardless, the reward for all classes follow a pattern. It will list all the heroic quests, bonus series and their associated rewards.

Voss Bonus Series 2. Just in time for 1. serles

Especially for the weapons. Die Sith herrschen und wir gehorchen.

Balmorra: Bonus Series – Mission | TORCommunity

Achievements Companions Agent Dr. Flight Plan Part of Bonus. Beasts General Pets Player Vs. Dites-moi ce qu’il faut faire, et je le ferai. Class Kills Miscellaneous Total Kills. Jedi Sage Jedi Shadow. Darth Lachris has taken over the Balmorran war effort and wants you to help the Imperial military clear out the remaining resistance.


Jedi Guardian Jedi Sentinel. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Nicht alle sollten mitgeteilt werden.

I did no questing on Balmorra except for my class quest. Imperial Neutral Republic Utility Zakuul.

Lower level characters gain less influence. Not sure about the PT yet: With regards to your statement: Segies Base No worries, just revisit old heroics and grind out those comms. I had completed that Korriban heroic quest about 45 days ago. Bisher trifft beides auf Euch nicht zu.

Heroic quests & bonus series and their rewards–Empire

Would it be possible to add a blnus to Torhead? For now I have occupied my interest with orange gear hunting: As for proof of that specifically, I can say that I did the Taris bonus series before doing a single class quest on Taris. This list should hopefully help some of you fashion fanatics that are looking for matching armor of a set.