If she wins, Spectra takes off his mask but if she loses, she has to join the Vexos against Prince Hydron. After the battle, the Resistance go their separate ways as Keith and Gus thank Dan for showing them the error of their ways. As the others race to find Dan, he and Mira battle Hydron with the Pyrus attribute energy at stake, while Spectra presents a proposition to Dr. As Dan and Baron safely make it back to New Vestroia, they find their base completely empty with no sign of Shun, Ace or Marucho anywhere. As the battle rages on, Julie notices that Billy has become much stronger than before after easily defeating Percival. However, in her mind, she only wants to find out what Keith is really up to.

Meanwhile, King Zenoheld changes his plan to destroy any living thing that stands in his way. Spectra and Gus leave to confront Zenoheld and Spectra tells him to leave the brawlers be. While Mira pleads with her father to abandon his evil plans with Zenoheld, Dan and the others destroy the four unknown Bakugan as well as the Power Reactor. With the battle against the Alternative pressing on, Hydron shows up to lend a hand. Meanwhile, Dan and the others head to the dimension controller but lose Marucho on the way. Spectra leaves, but Gus later returns and challenges Zenoheld to a battle to avenge Spectra for being framed and betrayed by the Vexos. In the end, Elfin and Marucho are partners, able to aid the Resistance in their journey. After meeting up with Sirenoid, his foundation continues to fund the scientist’s research as well as managing timeshare on Vestal.

King Zenoheld agrees to pit the blame on Mira’s dad. Later at night, Ace, Shun and Marucho hear the voices of Mira and Dan respectively and head out into the night, but it turns out that Shadow is the one making the fake voices. The next day, in the middle of his training, Baron reveals he is discouraged after losing Tigrerra to Spectra in a battle, and says he isn’t worthy of the lessons.

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge 34

Michael used the technology in Lync’s Gauntlet to repair the machine and only those with Gauntlets can go through, meaning that Runo, Julie and Alice must stay behind.

Meanwhile on New Vestroia, Mylene wants to close to portal to keep Dan and the others on Earth, but Prince Hydron orders her not to, so as to allow Spectra and Gus time to return, which angers Mylene, who greatly enjoys her new power.


With Keith having gone to the palace and having no way to find said palace, the Resistance are stuck.

Keith doubts he will but offers Mira Gus’ robotic bee to contact him. But when Marucho explains that he needs her to help free the Bakugan as this was what Preyas would have wanted she says that surgf he passes her test, she will at least think about a “temporary partnership”.

Later, Mylene accuses Spectra of her loss and the escape of the prisoners but Gus reminds her that she lost the battle, not him.

However, his home is no longer what it used to be. Spectra makes a false appeal to the Vestals that he is the hero and is trying to stop Zenoheld from ruling all dimensions. While Lync and Volt get away, Mira thinks that maybe the Resistance do have a chance of saving New Vestroia after all.

She tries to release them.

Later that night, Hydron has a dream in which Volt and Lync appear to him and tell him to take down his father and take the throne for himself. Everyone else did not know Elfin lost the Aquos Energy. After that heartfelt goodbye with Runo, Episoe, as well as Baron head through the transporter. Dan, Marucho, Shun and Mira wake up to find their Bakugan have truly evolved, engllsh realize that New Vestroia is in danger.

This is the reason why Dan couldn’t get through to him back before Drago brought him to New Vestroia.

When Gus returns with “juice in boxes”, there’s no such thing as juice boxes on Vestal he finds that Spectra is gone. Though frightened by the dream, it motivates him to fight against his father.

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The original six Bakugan Battle Brawlers are back together again. As the others race to find Dan, he and Mira battle Hydron with the Pyrus attribute energy at stake, while Spectra presents a proposition to Dr.

Once Shun arrives, he finds that all the Bakugan are missing and Master Ingram is still in ball form. The Bakugan thank the Resistance as they depart for Marucho’s house while Klaus remains on Vestal in case the Vexos reveal themselves. Marucho seems to be doing well with his new trap, Tripod Epsilon but when Volt pulls out his mechanical trap, Dynamo, things get rough and Marucho is defeated and sunken in quicksand. Everyone is eager to test out the machine, except for Shun, saying he has something important to take care of.

The newly freed bakugan rise up from the ground and everyone in the stadium learn the truth about the bakugan. Unfortunately Volt is no match for his former partner, loses and passes out. While the Resistance celebrate the success with Drago’s Battle Gear, the Vexos begin to finish their plans for planetary domination.


In a last-ditch attempt, the ancient warriors vanish and summons Drago, Elfin, Ingram, Wilda, Nemus and Percival and their partners to give the six bakugan their attribute powers, causing them to evolve. Dan gets off to a rocky start, but he and Ace are too evenly matched. In order to evade the Vexos, everyone stays at Marucho’s house equipped with a shield to hide the attribute energies’ signal.

Dan, with the help of Apollonir, brawl against Drago, but Drago is not himself any more. Baron, Shun and Marucho have beaten the other Vexos and arrive in time to see Dan and Ace win, claiming the mechanical Maxus Dragonoid traps. Feeling confident, Dan decides to take him on, but is soon overwhelmed with the power of Gus’ Bakugan Subterra Primo Vulcan and loses but does not care.

Volt meets some children who still see him as their hero despite the things he did as a member of the Vexos and even promises to teach them how to brawl.

Once they arrive, episoce are ambushed by the Resistance, but Mylene takes Mira hostage! Ace begins struggling to defeat Mylene and her new attribute changing bakugan, Elico. They start brawling and Dan manages to adapt to the new method quickly and Drago defeats the two Vexos easily.

Hydron shouts he will defeat his father, while Gus Grav, presumed to have been killed in episode 39, listens from another cell. While Dan is shocked by a surprise visit from his father and Mira reminisces over Keith, Ace searches the city for a place Baron can stay.

By the end of the episode, Baron had arrived to join them and Dun has become frustrated with Klaus’s constantly calling him ‘boy’. Down below, Dan, Baron, and Dpisode are saved just in time by their Bakugan. Clay transports them to the arena. After falling into quicksand, he is rescued by Volt who later engages him in a battle.