The EB bus heads out on the road again, and first through the doors are Jenny and her dad David, both suffering from the same suspicious skin condition. Another patient with a skin condition is Rachel. Dr Christian meets a man whose prostate cancer treatment has left him with rectal incontinence and a women who is in need of jaw replacement surgery. With the high street transformed into a slalom of stalls, information boards and games, there will be nowhere for the people of Leeds to hide. With 1 in 4 men over the age of 60 suffering in this way, Dr Jessen heads out to talk to pathologist Dr Jarmulowicz about how it affects men, and why so few know about it. Dr Dawn meets a man whose testicles are in a twist. Special 8 Episode 8. In the meantime, David is told to take steroids to help contain the symptoms and has been referred to a surgeon to see what can be done about the damaged skin.

Not a member yet? Dr Christian sends a swab sample for analysis to reveal the bacteria infecting David, in order to prescribe the appropriate antibiotics. Believing that the pain is stemming from his nerves, Dr Christian recommends acupuncture treatment. Ian sees Dr Pixie about some side effects he has suffered after slimming down. We will send a new password to your email. Dr Dawn caught up with Adel, who came to the clinic with a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome. First up is a visit from fifty year old Jackie, who was suffering from one of the commonest problems seen by GPs — urinary incontinence. The operation is a success and a few weeks later he finds out the news he and his wife had been hoping for.

Pixie referred Sandra to a specialist for further advice on this all-too-common problem. She is now a lot more confident and now feels she can talk to people without feeling embarrassed. After a massive reconstruction operation, Debbie returns to see Dr Dawn, who is delighted to see that she is feeling just like a young mum again. The treatment will be intense, but it might just be the answer to her watxh.

And this week’s unsung heroes of wwatch are involved in eye donation.

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De-rotating the big toe to a normal position of the nail showing upright again All is done in one procedure without additional incisions. Dr Pixie sees a man who’s struggled with an itchy bottom for 20 years while Dr Christian deals with an enormous pair of breasts Dr Dawn talks periods with three young women who volunteer to ojline their own menstrual flow to assess what’s constitutes a normal amount.


Dr Dawn awkwarx a man with a patch on his penis that needs straightening out and Dr Pixie helps a lady whose groin and bottom abscesses are causing constant pain.

Back to What’s On. And finally, the doctors put their own bodies on the line to take the fear out of simple tests. Their very different personal stories provide an insight into what it means to change sex. However, the weight loss has left him with huge rolls of excess flesh. Despite losing weight Stuart still has a large belly, and so is on,ine for an ultrasound scan.

Dr Christian is delighted to see that Anthony has shed over 2 stone in weight, and is well on the way to getting his problem off his chest. After all, skin cancer is the only cancer we can actually see with the naked eye before it becomes dangerous.

Russell sees an immunologist and a dermatologist, who determine that pyoderma gangrenosum syndrome is responsible for his leg ulceration. Jenna believes she is ready to get back together with Matty.

Awkward is about the specific incidents in our formative years that define us, sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst. On his return to the clinic he tells Dr Pixie there has been a big difference and he is able to do more than omline used to. Finally, school caretaker Bob and plumbing merchant Dave accompany fellow snorer Dr Christian to the sleep clinic awkwarv get tested for Sleep Apnea a potentially deadly problem…. Dr Christian identifies the cause of this as the scarring Ed has from his previous tummy tuck which has caused the skin to tighten.

As Adam Gee, Commissioning Editor of Channel 4, said, the program, “helps people to avoid literally dying of embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Jake goes after a new girl, and Ally hosts a sex toy party. After a visit to a specialist, Brigitte is told that there is no quick surgical fix for her problems and further examinations must be done.


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The procedure shows that her AVM can be treated without major risk to her eyesight, so Caro can now make a decision about what course of action to take, without the stakes being quite so high. Jenna and her Mom fight to get Val’s job back while the Chinese Mafia does some housekeeping. Dr Christian takes his dad with him on a visit to the clinic to find out how the body ages, as we get older.

3×1 The first case features a man with a large cyst full of fluid on one of his testicles. Although her left breast was reconstructed, there is a slight asymmetry and she no longer has a nipple. You, Me And The Apocalypse. Back in their London clinic, the Docs have a case of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which affects over a awkkward of British women, including high profile sufferers like Emma Thompson and Victoria Beckham.

Nine months after they first met, the team catch up with the woman who had two large cysts on her head. Richard determines to undergo keyhole surgery from Mr Alan Doherty, which will involve the removal of the whole prostate.

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The doctors head to a very windy Southend-on-Sea to meet with a group of kids and their parents at Fairways primary school. Although they’re back from Europe, Jake and Tamara can’t seem to stop practicing their French.

Christian talks to Slavek, whose droopy face is really starting to get him down. The problem is diagnosed as Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a condition in which the sweat glands are blocked up, infected and develop into boils. In our first series we met Margaret, who was suffering from a prolapsed vagina.

Women awkwarf breast augmentation may be searching for a confidence boost, but sometimes the results leave a lot to be desired. Leah visited the clinic about the discharge and pain in her breast and although Dr Pixie said this blockage was not cancerous, Leah was absolutely right to get it checked out.