Will people learn that they will never get up on me? The correct form is you’re. Also, these two faggots take great pride in being the KGB for Archfiend. Why is the ball in his court? TheAnnoyingOrange is cheaply produced garbage, but for some reason is absurdly popular. Real people love to be happy not mean!!

I was wondering why Arin or Jon won’t explain why they broke up. Timu Member Oct 4, It was a fucking movie. A small-time but prominent reviewer named Cartoon hero also has similar thoughts about Archfiend namely that Archfiend used to try to be right but now is trying to justify immoral stances. I need people who know me to act like they actually know my parents real names and that AD really did find it out. I’m sure that AVGN could make videos of their own and go on for hours about all the ways in which IG sucks, but that’s the opposite of what I thought was a good idea. That’s right, Shane wants to be an actor. We had to babysit your sister’s daughter, Becky, tonight since your sister had to work the night shift

I said that if AVGN wants to end a long standing feud, all he needs to do is take the high road and say a few nice words privately. Don’t you dare insult or ever question Jamie, for you will be blocked! I can see where Asalieri gets his Jesus Christ profanity habit from.

I think you addressed the ED article thing on another article, and debunked it.

We had to babysit your sister’s daughter, Becky, tonight since your sister had to work the night shift Also lol at him still thinking that the outnerdthenerd was rigged and isn’t just the fact that he wasn’t good enough. Despite this, in August Mike found out about this guy and decided to proclaim that those French reviews are basically ripping off James’ act.

Undertakerfreak is a sex slave of TheArchfiend.

We are living in strange times indeed but it appears to be an age where euthanasia is not a viable option and will continue to remain a non-viable option for quite some time. Also, what do you think of this: To be fair, people can movi.


Jan 9, 4, 2 0. Lindsey is some girl who just magically appeared in Arch’s chat one night and started to flirt with him. What does the word plagiarism mean?

Having just seen this moment I am honestly ashamed that I ever thought Archfiend had a good track record with any of the ratings in the TIR system talent, integrity and responsibility. I’ll watch his video ‘exposing’ James and Mike because I’m curious to see what he has to say but Archfoend curious if this means James is gonna respond or ignore it like he has been for 8 years.

While IG was talentless imitatorJames actively encouraged IG and the rest of the group to imitate him even harder. Yes he figured out my name but that’s where it stopped.

Mike Matei

I was like, wow moviee Shane Dawson is the 3rd, 7th and 56th most subscribed on YouTube he runs 3 channels, his latest consisting of all iPhone videos, and fucks the system up for everybody. Oh god this thing is 34 minutes? Saying that I run or am responsible for his ED article is complete affirmation of that criticism.

He was born as Shane Yaw but changed his name to Dawson inin faith he got turned down as an actor because people thought he was Asian. I’m going to act mega butt-hurt like this has been taken too far and what not. But then again who knows? Irate Gamer is a very corrupt and he himself is very poor at transparency.

There is nothing inherently wrong with an ethos argument. Real people love to be happy not mean!! Ekmec was once an owner on the Archfiend’s now defunct chat. His excuse for this one? BassForever Member Oct 5, Please Archfiend, you should start balancing the books for every national government in the world. Second youtube frequently overlooks Irate Gamers abusive behaviour online, behaviour that would get any other person without connections banned.

The only person who gains anything from this horse shit is Chris Bores.

Mike Matei – Encyclopedia Dramatica

Obviously, he is still running that experiment for as long as possible to gather even moar scientific data for his very serious scientific study on what he calls YouTube Whore-ology. I know i told dave this but I don’t think I told you. Wish me luck and thanks for the smoothies.


TheArchfiend is part of a series on YouTube Ranters. Shane Dawson has quite literally exploded in popularity and his controversy is no where to be found. The ball’s in James’ court now for some sort of reconciliation. The IG video was very insightful. You are commenting using acrhfiend WordPress. The rest of the video is just more terrible Minecraft archfiiend, Inspector Gadget, and of course scat related jokes, and having Inspector Gadget being out of character as much as possible, like having him kill Mike Matei at the end of it if only we wish, it’s the best part of the video.

Jamie Aka Archfiend’s Biggest problem, the ethos dilemna. | batdansucks

Jun 27, 3, Hollywood, CA www. I need people who know me to act like they actually know my parents real names and that AD really did find it out.

Except… Irate Gamer clearly has connections. Contrary to belief, Jamie is not gay but managed to marry a girl — well, sort of Without mike matei there would never be AVGN. KillUltra has told me, Chris has said on his ladybuggin account that mothers should be sexual partners with their kids. The fact that IG is hung up enough on archflend AVGN to make a movvie years after all of this started tells me he isn’t ‘over’ any of it, he’s still trying to ride James’ coattails for a quick buck rather than trying to become something fresh and original, something like this is a sad attempt to claim some relevance and push some hits onto his videos, nothing new at all.

Angry Video Game Nerd.