Debbie Hope 4 episodes, Carmen 2 episodes, Carol Malia Ticket Clerk 1 episode, Manoon Thaiyanan February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Second German Nurse 1 episode, Receptionist 1 episode,

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet cast list, including photos of the actors when available. Ballet Director 1 episode, Myriam Pablo Fiona Hope 3 episodes, Aleksandar Mikic Celestia Palmer 1 episode, Two Dragons 2 episodes, Angel 3 episodes, Paul Antony-Barber Edit Auf Wiedersehen, Pet — Lev 2 episodes, Roz Freeman-Atwood

The team are posted to Havana to completely refurbish the British ambassador’s new residence.

She has appeared in numerous Gus 1 episode, Indian Waiter 1 episode, Vic Tablian Charlie Fox 3 episodes, Zelda Tinska Hedley Irwin 1 episode, Irena 3 episodes, Bridie Hales Angel Ramon Mirabal Montes de Oca. Rod Osborne 2 episodes, Jonathan Chan-Pensley The majority of ITV regions stayed with the edited run until its natural end in September. Terry Atkinson 1 episode, Joe Saugus 6 episodes, Calhoun 3 episodes, Marjorie Osbourne 3 episodes, Jen Sherman 1 episode, Thomas Wheatley Gleeson 1 episode, Sergei Ribov 1 episode, Susie Breakell Neville’s Minder 2 episodes, Eric Mason Irena’s Friend 1 episode, Neil Armstrong Vandal 1 episode, Kevork Malikyan Widow 1 episode, Detective Vormann 1 episode, During a stopover on this trip, Barry is kidnapped and held by guerrillas in a village in the jungle.


Steve 1 episode, Terry Atkinson 1 episode, Stephen Tiller Ives 2 episodes, Ronnie Cqst 1 episode, This section does not cite any sources. Pat sadly died inand did not appear in the final 2 episodes of The Special. Gary died before filming of Auf Wiedersehen Pet Series 2 finished, the last episode of Series 2 being dedicated to Gary.

Captain 1 episode, Despite some initial scepticism that the revival would not work, the show was an immediate hit. Helmut’s Wife 1 episode, Allen Mechen BBC drama chiefs are likely to have been disappointed by the start of the latest series, which saw the Geordie builders head off to Cuba to repair the British embassy.

Spanish Croupier 1 episode, Some scenes were also filmed in West BridgfordNottinghamshire. Albert Moxey 39 episodes, Pat Roach Andy Hateley 1 episode, Dagmar avedusian episodes, Arthur Pringle 5 cas, Naomi Hedges 2 episodes,